Getting into poll battle with pots of 'dal' & trays of eggs

Getting into poll battle with pots of dal & trays of eggs

A new dish has been added to the ‘abhishekam’ list

Visakhapatnam: Heard of ‘palabhishekam’, ‘panchamrutabhishekam’, abhishekam made of ghee, tender coconut, honey, curd, so on and so forth.

But ‘pappabhishekam’ is an unheard concept which has been recently added to the list. Of course, it is not for performing rituals for Gods or Goddesses at temples but for the portraits of the political leaders.

Stepping beyond incorporating unparliamentary language against one another, ruling party and the Opposition leaders are now exploring new ways to indulge in mudslinging and drawing the attention of the voters.

In connection with this, a new dish has been added to the ‘abhishekam’ list. And it is ‘dal’ (pappu).

Very recently, Andhra Pradesh IT and industries minister Gudivada Amarnath extended a media invitation in a novel manner. The invite read as ‘Nara Pulakesi Lokesh flexi ki papputho abhishekam’ (‘dal abhishekam’ for the flexi of Lokesh) along with the programme schedule.

The ‘dal abhishekam’ was carried out in response to the egg-hurling protest staged earlier by Telugu Nadu Students Federation against the IT minister.

Months before, the IT minister, while interacting with the media, drew parallels between the state’s progress and a chicken (kodi) with an egg (guddu).

Stating that a chicken could only lay eggs and not give birth to a chick, Amarnath said, it takes time for an egg to get hatched. “Likewise, Andhra Pradesh is developing steadily and it takes time to witness signs of its progress,” the IT minister compared.

Although the IT minister considered ‘kodi-guddu’ theory as an example to explain the development of the state, his version, however, has become a reckoner for the Opposition leaders to make a dig at him whenever an opportunity knocks.

Weeks ago, during a media conference, Amarnath displayed a pot of ‘dal’ and said that he would pack it off to TDP national general secretary Nara Lokesh.

In another meeting held at Payakaraopeta, the IT minister commented that Telugu Mahila state president Vangalapudi Anitha made ‘Pappu’ (referring to Lokesh) roam around the constituency.

Condemning his comments, Anitha warned the IT minister to exercise control over his language. “Till now, there is no confirmation of the ticket for Amarnath. And he has no clue whether he would contest in the ensuing elections or not. However, my ticket at Payakaraopeta constituency has been confirmed. The IT minister has no stature to make snide remarks against us,” she asserted.

In case if Amarnath crosses his limits, Anitha symbolically dropped eggs on the floor and stated, “What happens? The egg will get broken.”

Ahead of the 2024 polls, candidates gear up to get into the battlefield. However, the weapons they carry are not arrows or swords or shields but pots of dal and trays of eggs.

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