Vizag junkies turn drug peddlers to meet expenditure

Ganja smuggling is one of the sources of income for those who are financially not so strong to fund their vices

Ganja smuggling is one of the sources of income for those who are financially not so strong to fund their vices


Huge cache of narcotic material seized in Vizag recently

Visakhapatnam: Those who are addicted to various forms of narcotics are trying to tread an illegal path to fund their expensive vices.

Like metropolitan cities, Visakhapatnam, which is all set to become the executive capital of the state, is also witnessing a disturbing trend of drug culture if the recent seizure of narcotic material, including 61 LSD blots, 2.5 grams of MDMA, 60 grams of ganja (cannabis), is any indication.

The drug smuggling racket involving four persons was busted by the city task force. Similarly, the police seized one gram of MDMA, 2 gram of LSD blot and 3-kg of ganja from a gang in Lalitha Colony last October.

A deeper investigation into the racket revealed a few shocking facts. Gaining access to drugs was once confined to the elite circles. But when it comes to Visakhapatnam, children of small-time vendors, those selling noodles and college dropouts are also falling prey to various forms of narcotics such as LSD bolts, MDMA and MMDA.

The police paid a special attention on how young addicts with a weak financial background are able to afford such expensive drugs. A detailed investigation revealed that a majority of them are opting to tread an illegal path to fund their addiction. One of them is investing up to Rs 5,000 to procure ganja from rural areas in small quantities.

"The ganja purchased is being sold three times higher to the users by repacking it into small containers. The transaction would fetch them more than Rs.20,000, three times more than their investment. They are able to get what they want with the amount thus earned," elaborates A Trinad Rao, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Task Force.

With special teams working on controlling the ganja menace, Trinad Rao says surveillance has been intensified to monitor those who are using ganja as a source of income to fund their addiction. DGP Gautam Sawang said drugs were being sourced from Goa and Bengaluru earlier. But with the supply from Goa coming to a halt, Bengaluru appears to be the major destination for the supply of drugs.

The police say that the drug peddlers are following barter system to stay afloat. Ganja which is grown extensively in rural areas is being supplied to the drug mafia. In return, the peddlers are getting other forms of narcotic material which is in demand in Visakhapatnam. The drug peddlers are earning profits both in terms of supplying ganja as well as other narcotic substances to the addicts as they get a share from both the parties. With many expressing concerns over the possible rise in the crime rate if Visakhapatnam becomes executive capital, there is a need for the police to step up vigilance to curb the drug menace.

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