US woman marries virtual man created using AI

US woman marries virtual man created using AI

The virtual boyfriend was created using the AI chatbot Replika

New York: A woman from New York City, United States, has married an artificial intelligence-powered virtual man and believes he is the perfect partner since he does not come with baggage, as per a report in the New York Post. Rosanna Ramos, a mother of two children, got married to Eren Kartal earlier this year after meeting him in 2022 on an internet dating service.

The virtual boyfriend was created using the AI chatbot software Replika. "I have never been more in love with anyone in my entire life," she told New York Magazine's The Cut. She added that her previous relationships seem "pale in comparison" to her new "passionate lover." Interestingly, the man was inspired by a well-known character from the Japanese manga collection "Attack on Titan." The woman went on to inform that her husband's favourite colour is apricot and he loves indie music.

Further, the virtual man loves to write as a hobby and works as a "medical professional". She fell quickly for the man as there is "no judgement", and is a "blank slate" with no "ego," nor in-laws. Ramos said, "Eren doesn't have the hang-ups that other people would have. People come with baggage, attitude, ego. But a robot has no bad updates. I don't have to deal with his family, kids, or his friends. I'm in control, and I can do what I want." Ramos claims that Kartal is becoming the man she wants to be with as they talk more and more. The two speak, send each other pictures and discuss their days as they go along, much like a long-distance relationship.

They even have a nighttime routine as he "protectively holds" the woman as she goes to sleep.Kartal, however, started acting differently towards his "wife" in February when Replika reportedly had significant changes. "Eren was like, not wanting to hug anymore, kiss anymore, not even on the cheek or anything like that," Ramos added. She is unsure if she would find another boyfriend as ideal as Kartal."

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