China provoking India in Ladakh

China provoking India in Ladakh

China provoking India in Ladakh


IAF mobilising fighter jets to counter threat

New Delhi: Chinese fighter jets are still trying to irritate Indian soldiers stationed in Eastern Ladakh even after discussions at the Corps Commander level, as they have repeatedly flown close to the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

In the past three to four weeks, Chinese aircraft have been regularly flying near to the Line of Actual Control, which is perceived as an effort to test the Indian defence system in the region.

The Indian Air Force has been mobilising its own fighter jets to counter the threat posed by Chinese aircraft, but it appears that the People's Liberation Army is uneasy about the IAF's upgrade of its Ladakh sector infrastructure, which will allow it to monitor Chinese activities deep inside of areas under their control, according to the sources. The Indian Air Force is handling the situation in a very responsible manner, taking no chances in order to neutralise the danger and prevent any further escalation.

"The Chinese fighter jets including the J-11 continue to fly close to the Line of Actual Control. " "There have been instances of violation of the 10 Km Confidence Building Measure (CBM) line in the region in recent times," government sources said.

According to reports, the Indian Air Force has taken decisive action in response to these provocations by deploying its most lethal fighters, such as the MiG-29 and Mirage 2000, to modern facilities from which they can quickly counteract Chinese actions.

According to the sources, the IAF has been reacting to these activities with precision and has also been keeping a very careful eye on the Chinese flying pattern in the area where they are flying at both low and high altitudes.

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