Eight-year-old child murders a toddler on account of revenge

Eight-year-old child murders a toddler on account of revenge

An eight-year-old boy had abducted and thrown a toddler into the drain and stoned him to death after having a fight with the victim’s sister

In a drain in South Delhi's Fatehpur Beri, the body of a one-and-a half-year-old boy was found with head injuries and blood oozing from the ears. Ruling out sexual assault, the police had detected that the victim was murdered ruthlessly by an eight-year-old boy, as revenge for a trivial fight that the eight-year-old had with the victim's sister.

Police said that the toddler had been kidnapped by the minor when he was sleeping in his house on Sunday. After carrying him to a nearby drain and tossing him into it, the boy thrashed the victim with a stone. Then, the boy went back home to take some clothes and went to sleep in a park. After a while, the victim's mother woke up and alerted everyone, after which the victim's parents started searching for the child. They had notified the accused child's parents, after which they reported the eight-year-old missing, too. It was thought by the victim's parents that someone had entered their house between 1am and 4am, picked up the child and took him quietly to a drain next to the house.

When police found the body of the toddler in a drain on Monday, at first, they suspected it to be a case of sexual assault. But after finding internal blunt injuries on the abdomen and bruises on the leg, they were convinced that the victim may have been thrashed before being drowned.

The police located an eight-year-old child sleeping at a park a few hours after it was reported that the two children were missing. While being counselled, the boy revealed that he had abducted the victim and thrown him into the drain, after which he kept throwing stones into the drain to smash the child's head. The boy admitted that he held a grudge against the toddler's sister, as she had allegedly pushed his younger brother because of which he got hurt.

The Juvenile Justice Board has declared that the boy will be kept at a designated children's home.

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