PM Modi inaugurates National Sanitation Centre, urges to repeat Quit India pledge till August 15

PM Modi inaugurates National Sanitation Centre, urges to repeat Quit India pledge till August 15

Prime Minister Narendra Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Raj ghat today and inaugurated the National Sanitation Center (RSK).

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Rajghat today and inaugurated the National Sanitation Center (RSK). The National Sanitation Center dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi was first announced by the Prime Minister on 10 April 2017 to mark 100 years of Gandhiji's Champaran 'Satyagraha'. It will be an interactive centre on the Swachh Bharat Mission.

After reaching RSK, the Prime Minister laid a wreath at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi located there and visited the centre. In the auditorium located at RSK, the Prime Minister watched a unique 'Audi 360 degree' audio-visual program which showed the journey of the biggest campaign to change the habits of people in the history of India's cleanliness story. PM Modi is interacting with 36 school students from Delhi, representing 36 states and union territories.

Reflection of Swaraj in Cleanliness

Addressing PM Modi, he said that Mahatma Gandhi Ji's campaign was - British leave India. We are campaigning - leave the mess India. He said that today is a very historic day. Today's date is a major contributor to the independence of the country. On this day itself, in 1942, a huge mass movement for independence started under the leadership of Gandhiji, the British had left the slogan of India.

The PM said that Pujya Bapu saw the reflection of Swaraj in cleanliness. He also considered cleanliness as a way to fulfil the dream of Swaraj. I am satisfied that the name of a modern monument dedicated to Bapu's insistence on cleanliness is now associated with Rajghat. On such a historic day, the launch of the National Sanitation Center near Rajghat is very relevant in itself. This centre is a tribute to 130 crore Indians towards Bapu's Swachhagraha, is Karyanjali.

Gandhi cannot be a major inspiration for the world

The PM said in his address that our journey of Swachhagraha with the inspiration of Satyagraha at this centre has been shown through modern technology. I was also seeing that hygiene robot is very popular among the children who came here. He said that for today's world, there can be no greater inspiration from Gandhiji. The whole world is coming forward to adopt Gandhiji's life and his philosophy. Last year, when Gandhiji's 150th birth anniversary was celebrated in a grand manner all over the world, it was unprecedented.

Repeat the pledge of 'Quit India'

PM Modi said that the evils that make the country weak should leave India, what else would be better than this. With this thinking, a comprehensive Quit India campaign has been going on in the country for the last six years. Poverty - leave India, open defecation compulsion - leave India, the compulsion to wander from water to water. All these resolutions of Quit India are in keeping with the spirit of Suraj from Swaraj. In this episode, all of us have to reiterate our resolve to quit the dirt. Come, start a week-long campaign in the country from today till 15 August i.e. Independence Day.

PM Modi also said that while doing this, a distance of two yards, the mask is necessary, do not forget this rule. The coronavirus spreads through our mouth and nose and also flourishes. In such a situation, the rule of the mask, distance and no spitting in public places is strictly followed. PM Modi said that just as we are getting encouraging results regarding the cleanliness of Ganga Ji, similarly other rivers of the country have to free us from the mess. Yamuna ji is nearby here. We have to intensify the campaign to free the Yamuna from the dirty drains.

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