Prime Minister Modi Warns Opposition Of Jan Dhan Account Closure Threat

Prime Minister Modi Warns Opposition Of Jan Dhan Account Closure Threat

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi issues stark warnings during a UP rally, alleging that the Opposition plans to close over 50 crore Jan Dhan accounts and seize housing schemes.
  • This sparks controversy ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

During a political rally held in Uttar Pradesh's Shravasti, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched scathing allegations against the Opposition, particularly targeting the Jan Dhan bank account initiative and housing schemes. Modi claimed that the Opposition, if given the chance, would attempt to close the over 50 crore Jan Dhan accounts established during his tenure, potentially depriving millions of poor citizens of their access to banking services and financial security. Additionally, he accused the SP-Congress coalition of planning to seize the keys to the 4 crore houses allocated to underprivileged individuals and distribute them to their political supporters.

Expanding on his assertions, Modi warned of dire consequences if the Congress were to come to power, alleging that they would release incarcerated terrorists and even provide them with lavish treatment. Furthermore, he took a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, labeling them as a "pair of two boys" who were rehashing old tactics and failing to present any new ideas for development.

Moreover, Modi addressed viral videos depicting large crowds at rallies hosted by Gandhi and Yadav, insinuating that attendees were not genuine supporters but were instead lured by monetary incentives. He questioned the effectiveness of leaders who allegedly resorted to such tactics and emphasized the importance of genuine dedication to serving the people.

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