Tamil Nadu Farmers Rally At Jantar Mantar, Demand Action On Crop Prices And River Interlinking

Tamil Nadu Farmers Rally At Jantar Mantar, Demand Action On Crop Prices And River Interlinking

  • Tamil Nadu farmers stage a protest at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, highlighting issues of crop prices and river interlinking, while expressing frustration over unmet promises from the central government.
  • The demonstration, featuring symbolic displays and calls for political action, underscores the ongoing struggle for agricultural reform in India.

Approximately 200 farmers from Tamil Nadu staged a demonstration at New Delhi's Jantar Mantar on Tuesday, voicing their grievances against the central government concerning crop prices and the interlinking of rivers. The protestors, carrying what they claimed to be skulls and bones of farmers who had taken their lives, highlighted the dire circumstances faced by agricultural workers.

Citing unfulfilled promises by the central government, the farmers lamented the failure to raise crop prices despite assurances of doubling agricultural income. Ayyakannu, the president of the National South Indian River Interlinking Farmers Association, recalled Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pledge during the 2019 elections to enhance crop profits and interlink rivers.

In a bold declaration, the protestors asserted their intent to contest Lok Sabha elections against PM Modi in Varanasi if their demands were disregarded. Emphasizing their nonpartisan stance, they clarified that their objective was to seek assistance from the Prime Minister rather than oppose him or align with any political faction.

The farmers recounted previous hurdles in staging protests, alleging initial resistance from authorities until obtaining permission from the court to exercise their democratic right to dissent. Despite facing obstacles, the farmers reiterated their determination to make their voices heard, citing their ongoing struggle for fair treatment and economic justice.

This demonstration at Jantar Mantar marked another chapter in the ongoing saga of protests by Tamil Nadu farmers, underscoring their unwavering commitment to advocating for their rights in the agricultural sector.

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