UP to set new record in Tree Plantation

UP to set new record in Tree Plantation

UP to set new record of plantation at 'Van Mahotsav' by imbibing the spirit of 'Mata Bhoomi Putro Aham Prithivya': CM Yogi

UP to set new record of plantation at 'Van Mahotsav' by imbibing the spirit of 'Mata Bhoomi Putro Aham Prithivya': CM Yogi

On July 22, the state will celebrate 'Van Mahotsav' with the message 'Ped Lagao, Ped Bachao': Chief Minister

Chief Minister discusses action plan for 'Van Mahotsav-2023' with the ministers, issues necessary guidelines

Uttar Pradesh planted more than 131 crore saplings in 6 years, 35 crore saplings will be planted this year: Chief Minister

Green cover will be 15% in the state by 2027, success will be achieved only with public cooperation: Chief Minister

Farmers should be encouraged for 'khet par medh, medh par ped’, will get Rs 50'000 in 03 years: Chief Minister

Target fixed for every department/division; together make Van Mahotsav successful

Every government officer, employee must plant a sapling in Van Mahotsav: Chief Minister

● Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath presided over a special meeting with the ministers on Tuesday. In the meeting, the Chief Minister discussed the action plan for the successful organization of 'Van Mahotsav-2023' and issued necessary guidelines.

● In Uttar Pradesh, which is blessed by nature and God, the Van Mahotsav has now developed into a mass movement. In the last 6 years, more than 131 crore saplings have been planted with public cooperation. Over 5.72 crore saplings were planted in the year 2017–18, 11.77 crores in 2018-19, 22.60 crores in 2019-20, 25.87 crores in 2020–21, 30.53 crores in 2021–22, and 35.49 crores in 2022-23. It is encouraging that, along with planting saplings, full care is also being taken for their protection.

● During the awareness week organized from July 1 to 7, great enthusiasm was seen among the general public. This enthusiasm will become the basis for making this year's 'Van Mahotsav' a success. The target of ‘Green Uttar Pradesh' will be fulfilled only with the maximum participation of the common people. Programs like Prabhat Pheri, slogans, essay writing, speech competitions, and wall writing should be continued in schools.

● The rainy season has started in the state. This season is the ideal time for plantation. After the successful organization of awareness week, now we will have to join the program of mass plantation on July 22 as 'Van Mahotsav'. Like the previous years, with zeal and full enthusiasm, this year also we are ready to create a new record of plantation.

● Every department, every institution, and every citizen will have to make efforts with the aim of planting 35 crore saplings during the massive plantation campaign this year. Department-wise target of plantation has been fixed by the Forest Department. Division-wise targets have also been fixed. Efforts should be made to plant at least 1,000 saplings in every village. Make preparations to plant 5 crore saplings simultaneously on August 15.

● Forest land, Gram Panchayat, and community land, expressway, highway/04 lane road, canal, land of development authorities, railway land, medical institute, educational institute land as well as private premises can be used by citizens for plantation.

● Plantation should be done around the playground in rural areas. At least 1,000 saplings should be planted at the Gram Panchayat level. Set targets for plantation in urban wards as well. Get saplings planted in cowsheds, as well as tree guards installed for the protection of plants. Connect the private sector, NGOs, and religious/social organizations with the campaign.

● Availability of saplings is very important for the success of the massive plantation drive. In such a situation, all necessary arrangements should be made in time by the Forest and Climate Change Department. Prepare hi-tech nurseries. Proper preparation and publicity should be done so that everyone can get high-quality plants easily. Geotagging of plantation sites should be done.

● Under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA), a very useful scheme is being run in the interest of farmers and the environment in the form of 'Mukhyamantri Krishak Vriksha Dhan' scheme, encouraging plantation on private farm bunds (medh). Under this scheme, if the beneficiary of MGNREGA plants a minimum of 200 saplings on his land and protects them, then there is an arrangement to provide an incentive amount of Rs 50,000 in three years by the state government. Give it widespread publicity to ensure the farmers benefit. This will also lead to tree plantations and increase the income of farmers. This effort will go a long way in realizing the message of 'khet par medh, medh par ped’.

● Due to extensive public cooperation, the total green area of the state is continuously increasing. Our target is to increase the total green area of the state from 9% at present to 15% by 2026–27. According to this target, 175 crore saplings will have to be planted and protected in the next five years. Everyone has to try to achieve this goal. For this, there is a need to connect people with the message of 'ped lagao,ped bachao’ (plant trees, save trees).

● On the occasion of 'Van Mahotsav' on July 22, all honorable ministers should be on the tour of the districts under their charge. Take the plantation campaign forward there with the assistance of the local public and public representatives. In cases where ministers are unable to attend, nodal officers are responsible for ensuring that plantations are successful in the presence of local public representatives.

● Planned plantation efforts like 'Khadya Van, Bal Van, Nagar Van, Amrit Van, Yuva Van and Shakti Van' made in previous years should be done this year also. Such forests are proving to be very useful in increasing greenery.

● People should be encouraged for carrying out intensive plantation on the banks of various rivers, including Ganga, Yamuna, and Saryu. Incentives should also be given to the people joining this program.

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