Top Trending Videos Of The Week (11 March - 17 March)

Top Trending Videos Of The Week

Top Trending Videos Of The Week


Several trending videos emerge during the week that had entertained the netizens throughout.

Several trending videos emerge during the week that had entertained the netizens throughout. One of the trending video was of Honey Singh, a rapper from Punjab, is becoming more well-known as a result of his most recent video. The rapper was seen dancing with a stage assistant during his performance in a viral video. Online people enthusiastically responded to the video. Fans were moved by the singer's generosity and showed a lot of support for the video.

The incident was initially documented in a video uploaded to Instagram by a user going by the name of Mayank Natholia. In the footage, the rapper could be seen performing for an audience in Jaipur. Alfaaz and Hommie Dilliwala, two other singers, joined Honey Singh on stage. A few seconds into the video, a worker can be seen cleaning the stage as the event is happening.

A trending video is going crazy over a dramatic altercation between a mother giraffe and a lioness. A lioness can be seen running towards a baby giraffe in a video uploaded to Instagram by Animal Worlds 11. The big cat then pounces on the giraffe and attempts to kill it. The young giraffe appeared to have given up trying to run after failing in its first attempt since it was unable to fight back. But, things quickly improved once a mother giraffe stepped in to help.

On social media, a video showing a man throwing money out of a moving car is trending. The video, according to reports, was shot in Gurugram, Haryana. It was said that the good man was trying to mimic a scene from the freshly released web sitcom Farzi. ACP Vikas Kaushik stated that the police have now intervened and that the person who was throwing all of that money has been identified and a charge has been filed under the appropriate sections while further investigation is ongoing.

In a video that is now viral online, two lawyers are shown fighting. Security personnel were present on the court's property when the event occurred. According to police, they have reported the incident as a cross-FIR and have begun an investigation. The video instantly gained popularity on social media after being posted by "Deadly Law," a Twitter user.

A popular American YouTuber named Jay Brewer, who is also the founder and CEO of Reptile Zoo Prehistoric Inc., has posted a video that is now trending. He posted a video of himself holding two enormous pythons on Instagram. In the viral video, two enormous pythons—a black and a white one—are seen tangled up. About 3 million people have watched and 162,000 people have liked the popular video.

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