Armed struggle inevitable to protect poor: CPI-ML ND

Armed struggle inevitable  to protect poor: CPI-ML ND

*Chandranna group on the attack *Levels allegations against Rayala Bose and his men *Supports T and opposes Polavaram *To carry armed struggle and...

*Chandranna group on the attack
*Levels allegations against Rayala Bose and his men
*Supports T and opposes Polavaram
*To carry armed struggle and also fight polls

Protecting interests of deprived sections is the primary reason for not giving up the armed struggle, reasoned the CPI-ML (New Democracy) party owing allegiance to comrade Chandranna. Lakhs of acres of unused forest lands in various districts were handed over to tribals and other poorer sections only because of our ideology, it said.

Speaking to The Hans India correspondent in the dense forest in Khammam district on Tuesday, state committee members, comrades Gopi, Sagar, Ravi and Suryam said that armed outfits still existed only due to necessity of the people.

They appealed the people and revolutionaries to shun the other faction, CPI-ML New Democracy (Red Flag) led by Rayala Subhash Chandra Bose, Vemulapalli Venkataramaiah and DV Krishna. This group was wedded to 'right deviation politics' and following the ‘revisionist’ path had even gone against the ideology of the party for their selfish gains, they alleged.

It may be mentioned here that CPI-ML (New Democracy), which was formed in 1982, split into two outfits this June, namely the CPI-ML New Democracy and another outfit with almost identical name CPI-ML (New Democracy-Red Flag).

The main goal of rival group led by Bose is to accumulate wealth by running chit funds, finance and toddy businesses, charged the state committee members Gopi and Sagar.

When asked about accusations levelled against former colleagues after adopting silent stand all these years, Chandranna Group members replied that they pinned their hopes on central committee to take appropriate action against Bose and his team. However, on June 16, the group led by Chandranna had written a letter to central committee that they would not work under the Andhra Pradesh Provincial Committee comprising Bose and others but form a separate unit.

Comrades Gopi and Sagar were highly critical of Bose group for levelsling serious charge against Chandranna that he misused funds of a trust and invested them somewhere besides writing letter to central committee to take action against him. Let the top body of the party take action against Chandranna if he was guilty, Gopi said adding that a party sympathiser cheated their leader. This money was, however, recovered later proving Chandranna’s innocence, he pointed out.

To fight alone in elections Besides carrying the armed struggle forward, CPI ML (ND) would be entering the political fray, informed Sagar, the state committee member. “However, we would not enter into electoral alliance with any left party or other bourgeois parties.”

When asked as to why the popularity and following of left parties was on the decline while new parties like YSR Congress have become strong forces, Sagar explained that Communists’ presence in the country dated back to 70 years unlike other parties like Prajarajyam, which open and close their offices in no time.

Will support T

Comrade Sagar clarified that there was no difference within the party on the Telangana issue since Seemandhra units of the party in Guntur, Prakasam, East Godavari and other districts openly pledged their full support for Telangana demand. Comrade Sagar took exception to Seemandhra leaders claims that Telangana would turn into another Chhatisgarh with the resurgence of Naxalism in case it was accorded the status of separate state.

Seemandhra leaders have no business to talk along these lines since revolutionary movement was active even in Andhra region particularly in Srikakulam in the past.

The support for Naxalism depends on government policies and it has nothing to do with the formation of Telangana.

Meanwhile state committee member, comrade Ashok has said that his party would oppose Polavaram project, tooth and nail. Three states-Telangana, Chhattisgarh and Orissa would be severely affected with the construction of Polavaram. Tribal population in 370 villages would be rendered homeless because of this contentious project, he rued.

Focus on strengthening the party base

CPI-ML New Democracy would follow the path shown by revolutionaries Chandra Pulla Reddy and Pyla Vasudeva Rao to strengthen its base in the state, informed state committee member Gopi. Our group has presence in 16 districts and eleven district committees were formed already.

In the just concluded local body polls, Chandranna Group claimed to have secured 23 panchayats in Khammam, Nalgonda, Warangal and East Godavari districts.

Our party opposes mushrooming of SEZs, transfer of iron ore from Bayyaram, setting up of open cast mines, and influx of MNCs, which do not help the poor a wee bit.

There are no proper medical facilities in agency areas of Khammam and Warangal districts.

Many are succumbing due to viral fevers during rainy season still but the administration is little bothered, they rued.

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