Land survey made easy

Land survey made easy

Surveyors across the State will be trained to use Electronic Total Station machines to mark land boundaries faster. At present, surveyors are taking one day to survey 10 acres of land, but these machines will enable them to survey 150 acres in a single day

Ongole: The Chief Commissionerate of Land Administration (CCLA) is introducing Electronic Total Station (ETS) machines in survey and land records wing of the State government in a phased manner. With this ETS machines, the government is sure of surveying the land in a smart and digital way in short duration.
The surveyors in the tahsildar offices across the State receive applications from the land owners to survey and mark the limits of their land officially.
When the extent of land is in hundreds of acres, it takes them almost a day to survey 10 acres of land with the old system of chains and links.
During this time when government announcing land allocations in almost all districts for various industries, airports, highways, the CCLA decided to speed up the surveying process to keep up the speed of the government.
The ETS machine, which works on photometry, helps the surveyors to complete survey of about 150 acres in a single day.
The CCLA is scheduling training programmes for the surveyors of 664 mandals in Andhra Pradesh, in batches and is distributing ETS machine to each and every mandal. The training programme for nearly 200 surveyors is completed and the remaining surveyors will be trained by May-end.
The revenue records in the State were prepared about 150 years ago based on the survey stones put up from the north-eastern side of the villages. With this ETS machines the surveyors are going to digitise these 49 lakh field management books in the revenue department as part of the National Land Records Modernisation programme. The machines would also be helpful in land pooling, land acquisition, alienation, assignment and layouts.
H K Narasimha Rao, Assistant Director of Survey & Land Records said, “The CCLA is introducing the ETS machine system for surveying in the State. We are giving the ETS machine to trained surveyors in the districts and about 25 surveyors in Prakasam district received the ETS machines. We have completed about 50,000 acres of land surveying including railway lines, Donakonda industrial corridor, NH 565, 216 works. The new system is very much helpful to the surveyors to complete the work in a limited time.”

Naresh Nandam

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