A file photo of potter making a clay pot
A file photo of potter making a clay pot

Kurnool: Pottery as a craft grew in the bosom of civilisation. It coexisted with humans for thousands of years. Now under the deluge of polymer inventions, the life of clay is snubbed. And the people of the mud are literally on roads leading miserable lives. The pottery profession has totally lost its glory in the recent days due to domination of plastic.

The potters, belonging to Kummari Shalivahana community, were having handful of works and earned a fistful. In course of time the clay made pots and other articles have vanished from the society. Plastic articles have replaced the clay made articles thereby darkening the lives of potters. With the vanishing of their profession, the potters are leading miserable lives as they don’t know other source of living to feed their bellies.


  • Around 25 lakh Kummari Shalivahana population lives in the state   
  • Govt should introduce pension scheme for potters, demands AP Kummari Shalivahana Youth Association state president  KB Narsimha
Around 25 lakh Kummari Shalivahana population lives in the state. On an average, every district has at least 2 lakh Kummari community people, said AP Kummari Shalivahana Youth Association state president KB Narsimha. Speaking to The Hans India, Narsimha said that the association is planning to start special campaign to educate people about the benefits of soil-made materials. He urged the government to extend cooperation so that they can be strengthened financially. He also urged conducting special trainings to their community by setting up pottery industries in the state.

History reveals that by eating food cooked in the earthen pots had no side effects and people lived a healthy life. Clay pots are very well known to be the poor man’s fridge. During summer everyone likes to drink water stored in the clay made pots. It not only quenches thirst besides it revitalises all organs in the body. 

In due course the clay pot was also replaced by the modern fridges of various brands. With the replacing of clay made articles at all stages, the livelihood of potter is perishing. Still several villagers are earning daily bread through manufacturing clay pots and selling them with nominal prices. They hardly earn Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 per month by making clay pots.

K Lakshmi Narsaiah, a native of Allagadda town, who is still making clay pots, said that there is every need to give preference to earthen articles as they extend good health. Consuming food in plastic made articles is hazardous to health. But people are giving more priority to eye catching plastic materials than the clay made materials, he stated.In view of the potters’ helplessness, the government should introduce pension scheme as is being extended to the weavers, he added.

By V Narendra Kumar