Online registrations help eliminate middlemen

Online registrations help eliminate middlemen

The online registration of vehicles has been introduced a year back. In spite of the initial hiccups the registration programme has been going on very well much to the delight of the officials and the vehicle owners.

The online registration of vehicles has been introduced a year back. In spite of the initial hiccups the registration programme has been going on very well much to the delight of the officials and the vehicle owners. In a brief chat with The Hans India, Deputy Transport Commissioner Dr Sundar Vaddi revealed various issues regarding the online registration.


Q: It is one year since Online Registrations of Vehicles. What is the status and response of public?
A. Yes, It is very heartening to inform that all online registrations both Non-Transport and Transport vehicles are taking place smoothly without any problems at the dealer point only. Some permits related to the Transport vehicles are also issued at the dealer point. We are intending to give shortly other transactions related to Registrations at the dealer point for the convenience of public. The public are satisfied with the services offered and this is indicated by minimum complaints received at the RTA offices.

Q: What are the other online transactions which are in use for public?
A. We have started online transactions in other areas like Transfer of ownership, duplicate RC, Change of address etc. Similarly obtaining LLR is through online slot booking and also slot booking for permanent driving licence. All process of form filling, Aadhaar-based identity, and fees are through online only for slot booking. They have to come to office for only LLR and DL tests only.

Q: What about other online transactions and when they will come into force?
A. We are shortly introducing all other services which are at present being tested at all offices and will be brought to public domain. The applicants can transact online and kiosks will also be set up. Lorry owners association and bus owners association are being brought in to use the RTA services at their offices. Similarly the driving schools are roped in for Licence transactions for public.

Q: What is the response of public and impact on middlemen in day to day transactions?
A. Though most of the applicants are already using our online services but still applicants will be sensitized for online activities by creating awareness about the simple process in RTA transactions. Regarding the middlemen, several steps have been taken at RTA offices to discourage their activities. But still some middlemen in small numbers do try to cheat by propagating and spreading false information for their personal gains. The public of late have stopped approaching them. But we advise the public not to fall prey to their activities.

Q: Has the RTA department eliminated middlemen successfully in day-to-day transactions with the introduction of online transactions.
A. Yes. Online activities have an impact on middlemen to a large extent and they are nearly eliminated in day-to-day transactions. But sensitising and creating awareness by the Media and Departmental activities can bring an end to approach middlemen by the applicants. Generally when process is cumbersome it gives an opportunity to approach middlemen. Online transactions do not give this opportunity anymore.

Q: Anantapur district is leading in implementing Online transactions and it has received an Award from the Hon’ble Transport Minister.
A. Yes we did receive the Award for best online transactions in the state. We were the first to achieve “Zero Pendency” in generating Permanent Registrations at dealer point. And still we continue to lead in this aspect.

Q: What is the status of Revenue collections in the district?
A. Anantapur was secured second place for the best Revenue collections during last year. This year there has been increase in 20 per cent target. But still we have shown 20 per cent growth till October. We are leading in the state for collections of Quarterly tax till October.

Q: Transport and Police are taking many initiatives with regards to Road Safety. What is the impact on reducing accidents?
A. Road safety has taken prime importance due to increase in accidents and death of citizens. But since last year with the guidance of DGP and Transport Commissioner, Police and Transport officials are conducting Road Safety activities and regular enforcement on day-to-day basis. It has good impact and results are heartening. Anantapur district has shown -7% Growth in death cases related to accidents since last year. Similarly accidents and injuries have come down. We are striving to make road safety a way of life to our citizens.

Q: The LLR mela is being organised regularly in district. How will it help the students or public in general?
A. The LLR mela is an additional service provided by RTA to citizens. As student community use two-wheelers regularly and most accidents are due to two-wheelers, they are the target group. As they have to miss out on their studies and college, we decided to go to their doorsteps and issue LLR and later they can obtain permanent licence. We are trying to reduce the no DL concept for vehicle users. Having a valid license is an asset to citizen which is an important document. The LLR mela also negates the idea of middlemen at RTA offices and increases transparency and image of department.

Q: What future you foresee for online activities and other initiatives taken by RTA department for providing services to general public?
A. As we are in a digital world and most day-to-day services are digital in nature, providing RTA Services to citizens through online will ease the process of Registration of Vehicles, obtaining driving licence, permits etc. The motive of the department is to achieve zero footfall at the RTA offices for the comfort of the citizens.

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