Identify the right pick

Identify the right pick

Aegis Logistics is one of the major winners in the last couple of years, on the stock exchanges.

Aegis Logistics

MP: `99.95; FV: `1

Aegis Logistics is one of the major winners in the last couple of years, on the stock exchanges. In August, 2013, when the markets bottomed out before entering a major bullish phase, the share was done at around Rs 10-11 at its low and then joined the general uptrend to have scaled to a life-time

high of Rs 106.40 on Wednesday last week. After having reached new high, the share fell to a low of Rs 92.80 on Thursday, the very next day of scaling to life-time high. However, since the share being in strong uptrend, again jumped up on Friday, the last trading day of the week to scale up to a high of Rs 102.10 before closing at Rs 99.95 for the week. The share is therefore recommended for buying for medium-term investing.

Shakti Pumps

MP: `149.50; FV: `10

Shakti Pumps had fallen to a low of Rs 25.02 when the markets collapsed after an unprecedented boom in the year 2007-08 and then rose to a high of Rs 169.70 in July, 2010. The rise in the scrip from Rs 25 to Rs 169.70 was partially attributed to manipulative activities.

However, the engineered uptrend in Shakti Pumps failed to lift it beyond Rs 170 and made it vulnerable to the general downtrend that emerged and fell to a low of Rs 29.75 in December, 2011, a level that turned out to be a second and a higher bottom than the previous one, reached after the general debacle post 2007-08 boom.

The double bottom pattern on its chart helped the share once again turn bullish and this time it scaled to a high of Rs 279.80 in September, 2014, for which appointment of mega star Amitabh Bachchan as its brand ambassador also played a major role.

From Rs 120.80 in September this year, the share turned bullish and started to rising irrespective of the general trend in the markets and closed at Rs 149.50 on Friday of the last week, indicating a further rise in the offing. Therefore, suggested buying for medium-term investing.

Sanghavi Movers

MP: `327.40; FV: `2

Sanghavi Movers is a mid-sized infrastructure equipment company that is generally doing well on financial front every successive year in the recent past. Its share had fallen to a low of Rs 4.50 when the markets collapsed post the 2007-08 unprecedented boom.

However, it inched up in line with the general uptrend that emerged from the post 2007-08 debacle lows, but could not make much progress in upward direction for whatever reasons and continued to fluctuate within a small range until July, 2014.

In the last week of July, 2014, the share entered a decisive and reached a high of Rs 268 in October, 2015, before closing at Rs 248.50 on Friday of the last week at which level it appears to be a good medium-term investment bet as the long-term trend in the scrip is still bullish as being seen by its sustained uptrend.

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