CtrlS is on Cloud4C

CtrlS is on Cloud4C

I wanted something that resembles our passion. Our passion is to create a safe environment for the most important assets of the knowledge economy that is the data.

Sridhar Pinnapureddy, founder and CEO, CtrlSIt is built on the best practices mandated by NYSE and RBI for 100% data availability

The Genesis of CtrlS

I wanted something that resembles our passion. Our passion is to create a safe environment for the most important assets of the knowledge economy that is the data. In this economy, data is much more valuable than currency, gold or diamonds. We wanted a name to resemble the importance we are giving to it. CtrlS resembles exactly that focus. Most of the orgnisations today will not survive if they suffer from a data loss. They can survive a fire incident, earthquake but they cannot survive if they lose their data. Nothing will come to their rescue. Data is lost, the company is lost. CtrlS reflects our philosophy of safeguarding their data.

Hyderabad: The city of minarets has been the hub of IT. It continues to be. The credit for this honour and recognition goes to the pioneering entrepreneurs who put Hyderabad on the world map with their relentless efforts. There’s no doubt that it will be one of the most preferred centre for venture capitalists, start-ups and incubators in the days to come given the current trend of impetus being given to IT.

Among various ventures that have been seeded in Hyderabad, which have achieved the global standards, is CtrlS, a data centre which is tipped as the Asia’s largest Tier 4 facility. With over 3,500 customers, including Fortune 500 companies, it offers customised solutions and it is coming out now with an innovative cloud service.

With its focused R&D through its centres of learning, CtrlS has 200 innovations under its belt to offer new products, services and data recovery solutions. The prima donna of the innovations is its Cloud4C, a technology made indigenously in tune with the country’s thrust on “Make In India”.

“Cloud4C is built on the best practices mandated by NYSE and RBI for 100% data availability. Cloud4C has robust features, including continuity, compliance, control and customisation providing the power to deliver a mature environment to handle business critical environments,” said Sridhar Pinnapureddy, founder and CEO, CtrlS.

The Cloud4C, rivaling the best services provider across the Globe, offers private, public and hybrid cloud solution on-demand and pay-as-you-go framework helping organizations derive optimal benefit on their infrastructure and investments. Cloud4C is the world’s first Tier-4 Cloud with four copies and built-in disaster recovery. The cloud offered by the company is favorite among all – small, medium and large-scale enterprises.

“Everything was questioned when we started. The entire conventional wisdom was questioned. We defined the entire data centre structures the way it was built and maintained. It helped to get Tier 4 certification. Not just the certification but helped us get 20% better efficiencies in power consumption than the least cost competitor to that of to achieve Tier-4 level at reasonable cost. This way we are not very expensive to customers. Usually Tier 4 tends to be 50% higher cost than Tier-3 data centres. That’s our cutting edge,” said Sridhar.

Why Fortune 500 companies prefer CtrlS?

“Our investment in the technology and human resource attracted leaders of almost all verticals to us,” said Sridhar. The best in banking, insurance, payment, gateways, credit cards, telecom or manufacturing companies are the clients of CtrlS. Besides all market leaders in automobile, power sector, airlines and many other sectors are its clients. “Most of the top companies are with us because of the quality we are offering,” said Sridhar.

“We have started constructing Bangalore, we will be ready by next year. We already started with Chennai where we partnered with BSNL. We partnered with National Stock Depositors in Bangalore,” said Sridhar about their future plans. With its international operations, product offerings are increasing. “We found cloud subsidiary. Cloud4C is world’s Tier-4 cloud solution, which is unique product in the world,” said Sridhar.

“We are only claiming a small portion of over all public cloud space where Amazon, Microsoft, Google participating. This space is basically for companies which want the 4 copy architecture. For companies which are looking for exotic features and cost per performance, we are going to be significantly superior in this space than any other competitor that’s the key value proposition,” said Sridhar.

“We need to offer something more than what is available in the market for the machine critical applications. Cloud4C evolved like Tier-4 data centre. I see nearly 2% of organisations are looking for 4C kind of architecture. May be 10 years from now, nearly 40% of the organisations will look at the 4C architecture, at least for one or two of their critical applications. That’s my excitement and my team’s excitement about this product,” said Sridhar.

The unique service quality is backed by sustainable technology, especially the electricity supply system which is on the greener side. “On study of all the green technologies, I have realized that 90% of it makes immense economic sense apart from contributing positively to the environment. We are able to give Tier3 equivalent pricing because of the efficiency we built in our power systems,” said Sridhar.

The CtrlS founder gives due credit to his team for this determination in saving power by going green. “Over a period of time it has become a passion for us. With this thought we entered and soon we became passionate. For every unit we were hungry we were trying to save every unit. We would go to any extent. We used to spend days together to do research on a particular subject and debate and that’s how we have done this kind of innovations we used to work on. Even global leaders could not achieve what we have innovated,” said Sridhar.

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. The top leadership at CtrlS realizes it. “We serving the customer to the utmost satisfaction has paid off on two counts. One is the good will of the customers. Second we got extremely passionate people working with us. So that’s another strategy which worked in our favour on a long-term basis,” said Sridhar.

By Y V Vijay Kumar
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