Written and Directed By Dr.Poornima Anand ( Dr.Anand Kumar Eslavath )

Theme and Synopsis- Jai –a journalist ,who is working for the news paper called ‘Praja Hakku ‘(People’s Right) has a lot of passion serving the Underprivileged, fights for the restoration of Human Rights, come across a Muslim girl called Ambreen Avantika who lost her all basic Human Rights since childhood, who dreams of becoming classical Indian dance called ‘KUCHIPUDI’ irrespective of her Caste and Religion. But due to her parent’s demise, killed by village people, because of inter Religion marriage .She becomes helpless and starts working at a brick factory and lives along with her Grand Father.

Amreen Avantika loses all her Basic Human Rights since childhood like, 


One day, Jai meets Ambreen Avantika and takes her along by quitting her from the child labor and restores in a school. He explains about the Indian Constitution and about the basic Human Rights which are entitled for every Indian Citizen.

Jai, helps her learn Indian classical dance, restores all her rights positively and behaves as a brother and as a guide for her, in building her beautiful career.

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar and other Freedom fighters had dreamed of great and beautiful India and wrote Indian constitution. But due to few selfish people in the society who divided people on the basis of Caste, Religion, Language, Rich and Poor-So many losing their basic Human Rights. If every citizen of India comes forward to support Human Rights, growth of country and dreams of freedom fighters are very near and we can build strong and positive democratic India.