Declare Pakistan terrorist state

Declare Pakistan terrorist state

The ghastly terrorist attack in Uri underscores the urgent need to declare Pakistan as a terrorist state by the international community.

The ghastly terrorist attack in Uri underscores the urgent need to declare Pakistan as a terrorist state by the international community. Notwithstanding the fact that the ongoing spiral of violence in Kashmir has its domestic roots, the complicity of the hostile neighbour tantamount to a war on India. Given the fact that the two South Asian neighbours are nuclear powers, full-scale war on the border is just not possible. The world will not remain a passive spectator in such an eventuality.

Understanding its limitations, the reprobate State is brazenly indulging in a proxy war. Pakistan is well aware of the fact that it cannot annex even an inch of Indian territory. But it wants Kashmir to bleed. The preposterous nation is not even concerned about the lives of its own people who have also fallen victim to the terror machine. Nowhere in the world, a civilised State so unabashedly exported terror as a foreign policy dispensation.

Kashmir is an integral part of Indian Union. Its accession to India is complete and irreversible. Pakistan need to understand this inalienable right of India. Any interference in Kashmir is nothing but a clear violation of India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. A proud and resurgent India would reject any menacing designs with all the might at its command. The acts of terror are not just preposterous but indicate the cowardice of its perpetrators.

The unabated cross-border terrorism has direct nexus with Pakistani army establishment. Series of terror strikes in India have revealed this nexus beyond any reasonable doubt. Yet, the international community, especially the Uncle Sam refuses to call a spade a spade. The abettor of extremism on a foreign soil is embraced as a frontline ally of the so-called global war on terror. The unabated violence in Afghanistan reveals the futility of such recourse.

The United States imposes regime change in many countries that refuse to be servile to it branding them as rogue states. Can there be any bigger rogue than Pakistan which calls jihadis as martyrs? While exposing the evil neighbour, India should be oblivious to its own lapses. The fear of possible abrogation of Article 370 that grants autonomy for the state of Jammu & Kashmir is fomenting trouble in the Valley.

The party that opposes the special constitutional provisions sitting firmly in the saddle of power both at the Centre and the state further compounds such fears. The steady dilution of this Article that came into the Constitution appreciating the historical circumstances, in which the region was acceded to India, legitimises the fears. Our enemies across the border are capitalising on such apprehensions.

The sinister designs of Pakistan and its henchmen cannot be defeated unless we win the hearts of Kashmiris. This is not possible with guns. The normalcy is not possible unless we restore the confidence of the people that the rest of India stands committed to the historical promises made to the State at the time of its accession. The troubled state demands a political solution.

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