Essay-writing contest- 'India of my dreams'

Essay-writing contest- India of my dreams

Essay-writing contest- ‘India of my dreams’. India-my motherland, with its mighty Himalayas looks like a golden bird flying high all above the sky with its cultures, traditions and with many advanced developments in science and technology.

Prize winning essays of this week

1. Youth should join hands

India-my motherland, with its mighty Himalayas looks like a golden bird flying high all above the sky with its cultures, traditions and with many advanced developments in science and technology. I am very proud to be an Indian. I love my country and I want to be the best in the world. I wish that my country should become a great nation with its talent and capability.

I have a sweet little dream for my motherland. People in India should be self-sufficient in food for which we have to make the barren lands productive. New varieties of seeds and modern tools should be used for agriculture which is the backbone of Indian economy.

The India of my dreams is a corruption-free nation. Beggary should be abolished; government should be people-friendly and citizens should consider it to be their duty to do something constructive for the nation.

Teachers and doctors should be respected, educational institutions should not be treated as playground for dirty politics and corruption. National income should be equally distributed among the people.

Our motherland should be a country where every common man gets to fulfil his basic needs. They should be given jobs based on their aptitude and knowledge and not on recommendations.

I want India to be at the apex in terms of science and technological progress. It should be scientifically and technologically advanced. I would like to build an India where blind faith should not rule over.

India should always stand on top in every field. Every Indian should participate for a pollution free India by planting trees.

Women and elders should be respected, environment and surroundings should be clean and hygienic, it should be free from terrorism and should have love and respect for every religion, cast and creed, should have good transport system and roads, d­efence and security of the country would be of paramount importance, people should have freedom of expression, farmers should be respected as professionals.

India of my dreams should be rich with heritage and culture, should excel in fine arts, handicrafts, sculpture, architecture, dance, drama, literature, poetry, music, and her vast knowledge in vedas, puranas, etc and satisfy the human quest for further knowledge and for the betterment, welfare and service of mankind.

We should mobilise our Indian youth to participate in development of our idol India and carry out activists for the betterment. To make Indian a peaceful place we should following the 10 commands made by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.

India should unite by the Shabad Kirtan from Gurudwaras, Azan from Mosques, Bhajans from Temples and chiming of the bells from churches merge and mingle and produce a harmonious, melodious, spiritual tune…loved by all.

Dream, dream, dream. Dream transforms into thoughts. Thoughts result into action. - Jai Hind.

- B Suraj, Class IX,

DAVC School, Ukkunagaram

2. India should be scientifically and technologically advanced
India attained independence on August 15, 1947 after decades of struggle and sacrifices by our freedom fighters. India became Republic on January 26, 1950. India is now a Socialist, Sovereign, Secular and a Democratic Republic as per our Constitution.
India of my dreams should be free from corruption, communalism, casteism, sycophancy and family rule and all sorts of scams and exploitations.
I want citizens of India to live up to the ideals of our Constitution.
Our people should not fall short of the basic needs like food, clothing, housing, education and health
The central and state government should develop agriculture, irrigation, roads, industries and infrastructure facilities.
India should achieve scientific and technological progress in all fields.
People should be aware of sanitation, pollution control, judicious use of water, electricity and other amenities to avoid problems not only to the present but future generations too.
They should be taught about their duties to the nation while aspiring for their duties.
The people should elect honest, committed and service-oriented persons as their leaders to the legislative bodies and expose corrupt politicians and Government officials, etc.
People should contribute to the community development and serve the poor and needy.
Parents and teachers should create awareness among children with regard to knowledge, purity of thoughts, human values, unit and social development.
Our people should live up to the expectations of our great leaders like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, freedom fighters and founding fathers of our Constitution and that is the India of My Dreams.
- T Advait, Class VIII,
Gitanjali Deveshray,
Paying tax regularly will help India grow
My dream India is something which every individual in this country yearns for - a corrupt free India. When we talk about corruption, we start blaming our politicians for stocking away black money. But why do these people keep robbing us? Isn’t it because we are giving them a chance. The black money is nothing but the money which is ‘saved’ by not paying the necessary taxes.
Strangely this happens only in India. Why? Because we have cash transactions, i.e. we pay cash instead of giving a cheque or drawing a card.
Many of us would be bewildered by this idea. Some might even conclude it as ridiculous. Well… it is not. All of us pay tax(es) for the goods we purchase, but how much of it reaches the government? Ever thought of that? Normal cash payments would have no proof of the tax(es) paid thus the shopkeepers take it as an advantage and pocket the ‘extra’ money. All this ‘saved’ money is nothing but black money. This might seem very trivial but this is the truth, in fact this is the basic foundation for corruption.
What’s the solution?
If online banking/online transactions become inevitable then the use of each rupee will be clearly monitored. Thus the shackles of corruption will be broken into pieces.
Also, three main things constitute a country’s economic, social, and political power: education, health and judiciary.
If these things are neglected then that shall lead to the demise of the country. Unfortunately, India has become an example for such a case.
Now-a-days, students are deprived of quality education. Health has become a very uncommon word and judgment has lost its virtue. Such is the condition of our country.
My only aspiration is to see my motherland regain its past glory, where people live happily. If these things are taken care of then the rest is assured. My dream india is complete!
- S Sahithi, Class X, Kendriya Vidyalaya, ONGC, Rajahmundry
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