So sorry for Chary!

So sorry for Chary!

Expectations on a film which has been languishing in the lab for more than a year will be minimal and what if that film is remake of a good old...

Expectations on a film which has been languishing in the lab for more than a year will be minimal and what if that film is remake of a good old Malayalam film 'C.I.D. Moosa' that released nine years ago? 'Outdated' is the answer in simple words. The film only proves a point that if a producer is in trouble in getting the money after the film took off; it's in his best interest that he stops it mid-way because his problems are only going to get manifold once it releases. Ramachary's (Venu) dream is to become a cop. After his father (Chandramohan) and uncle (LB Sriram) are ousted from the services of Khaki, he somehow does his bit to help the department in bringing the culprits who hatch a plan to kill CM Harischandra Prasad (Balayya) to justice.
However, Chary's efforts are always looked down by Commissioner Chaddha (Murali Sharma) who is hand in gloves with the people who want to assassinate the CM. Chaddha manages to show Chary in bad light to the IG (Giribabu) who then asks Rama not to associate with the department anymore. Vexed by this, Chary starts an investing agency 'Chary and Co.' (include dad, uncle and friend Ganguly played by Ali). He then understands there is a rather big conspiracy against CM. What next? Remaking an action film or a romantic drama is an easy task when compared to the remake of a comedy. While it is not that hard to carry 'emotion' and 'feel' forward in action and romantic remakes, writing is an area that should be of utmost concern when it comes to a comedy. And when that is not on the 'mark', the film totters and 'Ramachary' is an example of it. The writing hits right notes at the beginning, but goes down as the film progresses. Besides writing, logic goes for a toss big time. If there is no intelligence on the plot to kill CM in the first place, his security is not shown to be beefed up after an earlier attempt is foiled by Chary. It was appalling to see Girbibabu surfacing whenever Chary unearths something or has an altercation with Chaddha. And there are many more sequences in the film, making it look more of as an amateurish entertainer. The romantic track between Venu and Kamalini Mukerjee is contrived and every time you look at her on screen, you feel tempted to apply some touch-ups on her face. Performance wise, Venu never disappoints. He is the lifeline of the flick and his comedy timing is still intact but is letdown by a plain script. Murali Sharma as the corrupt office leaves his mark while Chandramohan and LB Sriram are at best passable. Sometimes a plain script can be turned into an interesting fare with the narration, but director Eeshwar seems to need that experience. An avoidable drama, unless you failed to have a goodnight's sleep and want to catch it up here. - Nagaraj Goud Ramachary Cast: Venu, Kamalini Mukerjee and Murali Sharma Music: Mani Sharma Direction: Eeshwar Genre: Comedy-drama Rating *1/2
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