Language of expressions

Language of expressions

Language of expressions. Presenting the well known, established master artists under one roof is Gallery Space in collaboration with Gallery...

Presenting the many artistic expressions that celebrate the numerous hues of life in all their complexities is the exhibition at Gallery Space.

Presenting the well known, established master artists under one roof is Gallery Space in collaboration with Gallery Artequest, a fledgling corporate venture in art from Mumbai, ‘a Maestro’.

Rachana Nagarkar, curator, ‘a Maestro’, says, “Heart and blood are two things which survive on each other’s existence. In similar pattern, art stands at the place of heart and aesthetic stands in the place of blood. These two are dependent things which cannot survive for long without each other. This term is important in this show which displays most of the great Indian master’s paintings which do stand there because of their aesthetical sense.”

The artists whose works are on display in the show are Laxma Goud, Suhas Roy, Rini Dhumal, Sudip Roy, Lalita Lajmi, Thota Vaikumtam, Manu Parekh, Harsha Vardhan, Prabhakar Kolte, Seema Kohli, Thota Tharani, Yusuf Arakkal, Sachin Jaltare, Ramesh Gorjala, Rachana Nagarkar, Bhaskar rao, Lopa Mudra,Kandi Narsimulu,Amit Bahar,Niranjan, Akbar Mohammad, Maruthi Paila and Jacob Jebaraj.

Amongst the local artists is Kandi Narsimlu, Medak-born artist who brings in his affinity and affection for homeland into his works. “I want to present the style and moments of Telangana through my works. All my work is about the natural attractiveness of the village folk. The works exemplify group of women and men engrossed in their mundane acts of work and recreation. What I saw in my village as a child has remained the same till date,” says Narsimulu.

Bhaskara Rao B is another artist who spent his childhood in the remote village of Andhra Pradesh where cultivation was the main occupation of the people. “The village life was simple, interwoven with fields and animals. And starry night sky made an unforgettable impact on my work. My art career however began in Visakhapatnam which is a major city filled with greenery, roads, rows of flats and the colourful seashore. Even then it seemed to me that I was desperately longing for a rural atmosphere in such an urban locality. To my surprise I ultimately found it in the nature, which attracted my attention,” says Bhaskara.

Akbar Mohammad on the other hand expresses his thoughts in the style of realism. “My drawings and paintings reflect my fascination with the physical structure of all faces as well as the emotional content they convey. My work is about taking forms in nature and making them my own. I concentrate my efforts solely on the architecture of symbols, distilling their essence to remove and isolate them from a normal context. This process creates a true representation of the intangible qualities that existed within the initial vision,” says Akbar.

Each of these artistes has developed their unique language of expressions and thematic preferences. Nonetheless, between them, they bring out the protean faces of life on their canvas in ways that often appear exaggerated or grotesque but never lacking in empathy.

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