For perfect Valentine's Day at home

For perfect Valentines Day at home

For Perfect Valentine's Day At Home. With Cafes And Fancy Restaurants Full Of Couples Trying To Squeeze In A Date On Valentine's Day, Celebrating At Home Might Turn Out To Be A Very Smart Decision.

With cafes and fancy restaurants full of couples trying to squeeze in a date on Valentine's Day, celebrating at home might turn out to be a very smart decision.

Helen Leigh-Jones, designer at furniture brand DFS, shares some tips on how to spruce up your place for an amazing romantic dinner, reports

1.Lighting is very important for an evening like this. Candles are perfect on Valentine's Day as they create the perfect soft, warm, romantic glow. Fairy lights are a lovely way
of setting the mood as well.

2.Flowers are always welcome on Valentine's Day. It is important to choose fresh rose petals to scatter around your home or place a few small arrangements throughout the house.

3.Making a comfortable love seat will also help. Make sure you have a throw, a box of chocolates and some wine within arm's length so you don't have to move from each other's arms all evening.

4.Turn off all modern technologies like the phone and the television.

5.Change the place of dining. A rug on the living room floor will be nice for a romantic picnic.

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