Face Yoga: a new way to look young

Face Yoga: a new way to look young

Face Yoga: A New Way To Look Young.Did You Know That There Are Facial Exercises That Can Create A Healthy Glow & Shine On Your Face?

Did you know that there are facial exercises that can create a healthy glow & shine on your face? Here is a list of yoga for face exercises suggested by renowned face yoga exponent Mansi Gulati

Lion Face – Tones the all facial muscle.
1.Inhale through the nose.
2.Open the mouth widely
3.Stretch the tongue toward the chin.
4.Relax and repeat it for 3 times
5.The owl –get rid of forehead lines and also helpful fr eye wrinkle
6.Pull down your skin with the index fingers
7.Raise your eyebrows upwards and making the eyes wide
8.Hold for two seconds, relax and repeat three more times.and finish by holding this position for 10 seconds.
9.Regular practice, this will reduce and diminish forehead lines
PUPPET FACE – Nose Labial lines
1.Sit comfortably and look straight
2.Place your Index Fingers at the end of nose folds, put pressure upwards using Index Fingers, breath slowly and simultaneously open your mouth and smile

1.Smooth and tighten the Nose labial fold line area of the face with the exercise
2.Builds muscle fiber in the cheek area and this in turn tends to lift up the Nose Labial fold lines
3.Leaves a very attractive Nose Labial fold line area that is youthful and smooth looking

'OVAL' Pose – Get Rid of Laugh Line
Make the Oval face with your mouth by stretching out the area below your nose
1.Prevent wrinkles for young age and minimize the affect of elderly age.
2.It Improves blood circulation around your eyes and mouth and even to sharpen your jaw line.
3.It is also called an ANTI AGEING POSE which immediately releases tension and you can feel tightness

‘V’ Pose - Gives you youthful eyes
1.Place both the Index and Middle fingers at the edge and corner of both the eyebrows respectively.
2.Put the pressure downwards using both the Index and Middle fingers and look upwards

1.Regular exercise removes/reduces wrinkles
2.Helps in the enhancement of concentration power
3.Good for migraine, Best for eye sight.

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