GPS to track irregularities in Intermediate exams

GPS to track irregularities in Intermediate exams

GPS to track irregularities in Intermediate exams, Intermediate theory examinations, Inter exam Date. The stage is set and all arrangements have been made to commence the annual Intermediate theory examinations from March 12.

  • Exams to commence tomorrow
  • Students who are late by a minute will not be allowed
  • Valuation from April 28, results within 40 days

Hyderabad: The stage is set and all arrangements have been made to commence the annual Intermediate theory examinations from March 12. The exams will conclude on April 1. A total of 19, 78,379 students, out of which 9, 29,090 for first year and 10, 49,289 for second year are expected to take the exams. Nearly 2661 centres (Govt: 975, Aided: 187 and Unaided: 1499) have been set up and out of them 230 centres were declared as ‘sensitive’.

The spot valuation would commence on March 28 and the results are expected to be declared within 40 days i.e. latest by May 8, according to Ramshankar Naik, Secretary of Intermediate Education.

With the notorious Gurivi Reddy gang’s high-tech copying acts still fresh in memory, the Board has, for the first time, has decided to introduce GPS (Global positioning system) tracking to check irregularities during the examinations. “No mobile phones, calculators or electronic gadgets are allowed inside the examination centres. All students are barred from carrying any printed or general material other than the allowed ones like scale, pens etc. The same rule applies to all invigilators as well. No invigilator is allowed to carry their mobiles while they are on duty. Only the Chief Superintendents of centres will be allowed to take their cell phones inside. Even their mobile will be under surveillance. GPS has been introduced to check the incoming and outgoing information and see that any unethical or irregular thing is being done from their phones or in any other mode. Strict action will be taken against erring and negligent invigilators and superintendents as well.

“We will give no scope for any sort of malpractice” Naik disclosed to media here on Monday.

Listing out dos and don’ts in this regard, the Secretary said, “Candidates will be given a 24-page answer book, on which the OMR details will be printed. Candidates should fill them up and they shall not write any other matter on them other than answers. If they do so, they will be barred from appearing for the exams. No additional answer sheets will be provided. They should not write their names or registered numbers on any part of the sheets. They should also not pass on the question papers to other students under any circumstances”

Reiterating that not even one minute delay in entering the exam hall is permitted, Naik said, “We will allow the students from 8:30 am onwards and we advise all the students to be in their seats by that time or at least by 8:45 am. Grace period will be given for fifteen minutes i.e. from 8:45 am to 9 am but the late comers should mention the reason for their delay in reaching the centre. The exam will start at sharp 9 am and last up to 12 noon. We will not allow any student if they reach even at 9:01 am. If a student is constantly late, we will check his details with his or her college and enquiry will be conducted.”

District Examination Committees (DECs) as well as High-Powered Committees with the District Collectors, JCs, DEOs, RDOs as chiefs will be formed for smooth conduct of exams.

“For the first time, sitting plans will be on display at 3-4 places in each centre. The details of physically challenged students and the names of scribes will also be on display” Naik explained.

The exams will commence with first year second language paper I on Wednesday morning followed by second language paper II on Thursday (13th). The Board officials have cautioned students on old and new question papers in second languages and bridge courses.

These are the first annual exams for second year science students with updated syllabus. The Humanities new syllabi will come into effect from 2015 March exams onwards, Naik said.

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