Open to production in south

Open to production in south

Open To Production In South. Akshay Kumar’s next release ‘Holiday’ will see him in a new avatar. Ahead of the release, the actor talks about producing ...

Akshay Kumar’s next release ‘Holiday’ will see him in a new avatar. Ahead of the release, the actor talks about producing films, keeping family ties strong et al.

About ‘Holiday’

After this movie, I have come to understand the meaning of ‘Sleeper Cells’. Whether it was 9/11 or the attack on Taj Mumbai, they were done by sleeper cells. In this film we also show that killing of members of the sleeper cells is of no use. People belonging to sleeper cells aren’t connected to each other. They have a head that connects them. While watching the film you will realise how these sleeper cells work. Every discussion with director Murgadoss was always full of depth. The script became more interesting as I heard it. After hearing just the first half of the script, I was prepared to do this film. I did not bother to hear the second half of the script. Not a remake of ‘Tuppakki’

When Murgadoss narrated the story to me first, he wanted to make this subject down south before making the Hindi version with me. Hence I don’t think ‘Holiday’ can be tagged a remake. I had okayed the script even before it was made in Tamil. On Murugadoss’ request we decided to make the film after he was done with the Tamil version.

Box-office success

Though box office reports are important, I think times have changed and people are not bothered about collections. Undeniably, the content is what matters in the end. The BO numbers keep going high if the content is alluring. Our priority is always the content. I agreed to do ‘Holiday’ for its mind blowing content. It is not a typical Akshay Kumar film where you find mauj, masti and fun. This film has a serious tone because of the terrorist backdrop.

On doing different films

There is a need to diversify and evolve myself because the media is always on the lookout. If I get repetitive, they criticise and make me realise that I am doing the same old role. Hence I do different kind of films be it production or acting. You will not find me doing the same old stuff. I think every actor has the hunger to do different kinds of films.

On back-to-back releases

I cannot argue with my producers on this. All my producers’ know their job, their rationale behind the releasing date is best known to them. If everything is ready it is up to them to release their films when they like.

Open to production in south

“I am already producing Marathi and Punjabi films. However, I have not produced Southern languages films... I believe in diversity of subjects. Also if the content is good,s why should I not try it out? Now-a-days the audiences need a change. They come to get entertained and as a producer I always like to choose films with great content.”

Zeroing in on remakes

“I just hear the basic story and if I get the feeling that the content will allure the audiences on the whole. then i consider producing it. And so I like to produce as well act in films which are presented with difference. For instance my film ‘Holiday’ will see me in a different role altogether.”

Quality time with kids

Aarav loves hiking. Every holiday I try to take him to a hilly area around Mumbai for hiking. He also loves cricket and football. Whenever I find some time from my hectic schedule, I definitely play these games with him. I am planning to take my family and kids for a holiday to America, Greece or Thailand. However, I have to zero in on the dates.

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