The making of a modern dad

The making of a modern dad

The making of a modern dad. 32-year-old Ajay Singh, director of a company, says, “It’s easy to talk about it now as my daughter Anisha has turned three. But when my wife Manisha was pregnant with her, I was anxious and felt like it was a countdown.”

32-year-old Ajay Singh, director of a company, says, “It’s easy to talk about it now as my daughter Anisha has turned three. But when my wife Manisha was pregnant with her, I was anxious and felt like it was a countdown.”

Ajay also remembers being confused. “I did not know if I wanted to be a father. I had never taken care of a small child. And I didn’t know if I was capable of taking care of a baby’s needs and expenses with the rising cost of living.” Such expressions and feelings are normal, say experts.

“Along with happiness and excitement, most first-time fathers also experience fear and anxiety. It’s wrong to think that only would-be mothers end up facing these challenges,” says Dr Pramod, senior consultant and child specialist.

“This is because there is going to be a complete change of lifestyle. The man has to take up more responsibility not just for himself .There will be a child completely dependent on him for years,” he added.

“The magical moment was when Anisha was born,” said Ajay who until then was confused and anxious. “I forgot my apprehensions .There were so many family members advising me to be careful of the baby’s neck and to be careful while holding her.”

Though it’s a little known fact, fathers also undergo hormonal changes during and soon after the wives’ delivery. Studies reveal that levels of testosterone actually drop significantly after the birth of the child.

“If manhood includes fatherhood, which it does for many men testosterone is hardly the ultimate measure of masculinity,” says an article in psychology today.

Vishnu Kumar, a software engineer, says, “In our case it was my wife who was hesitant handling our son. I taught her how to bathe him, feed and change diapers.”

“There are several lessons for would-be fathers. Pregnancy needs to be a shared experience. Enrolling for parental classes can help sensitise a would-be father. These classes help him know what to expect and relate and to participate better,” says DR Manglurkar.

Books like ‘What to Expect When You Are Expecting’ by Murkoff and Mazel or ‘Baby and Child Care’ by Dr Benjamin do help the new dad.

“Breastfeeding is necessary and the husband’s support during this process is a must,” says Dr Kusma from Niloufer Hospital.

“Understand the importance of breastfeeding for your child and why the mother needs to have uninterrupted opportunities to breastfeed. Give company to your wife during breastfeed and engage her in a conversation,” advises Dr Bhasker of Yashoda Hospitals.

“New dads need to acquire a skill to change, wash, manage, feed and put the baby to sleep and so on. Most fathers are apprehensive about holding their baby initially. The baby is not a fragile. Get over the feeling by holding the baby often,” says Dr Pushpalathta, a renowned gynecologist.

Don’t live in paranoia. Get involved in every aspect of your child’s growth and progress, along with your wife and enjoy every minute of fatherhood. Here’s wishing you a Happy Father’s Day.

Can you pick that perfect gift for your father?

Fathers are great teachers. They hold our hand when we first walk, steady us the first time we learn to ride a bicycle and show us how to hit our first six. They are friends as much as they are disciplinarians. On Father’s Day, we celebrate all that they stand for. But do you know what to gift them on the occasion?

A recent ‘Giftology’ poll conducted by Titan Watches’ on young Indians of ages 18-34, gives an insight to gifting trends between fathers. Shockingly, only 11per cent of young Indians can buy the perfect gift easily while 13per cent say it is hardest to buy gifts for their fathers. 7.5per cent complain that their fathers buy them the worst gifts.

Can a young Hyderabadi buy the perfect gift for their father? Well, yes. Young Hyderabadis know the mantra, they don’t find it difficult to buy gift for their super dads and most of them end up giving a gift that makes sure their dads are up for smile.

Rajan Amba, global marketing and product head at Titan gives perception to the findings of the study. He says “Sometimes, fathers are superior authority figures who we tend to be a little afraid of. This could lead to a lesser understanding of what gifts they appreciate. Typically, there are few gifts that are best suited for Father’s Day. It is sporadic that a really personal and sentimental gift is given to fathers, which is accomplished by 9 per cent of young Indians. At the same time, 12per cent of the Indian youth say their fathers give them the best gifts. Clearly, people need to put more effort into the art of gifting, which would ensure that the gifts are memorable.”

Convention centre celebrates Father’s Day

This Father’s day, Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre is all set to make it special. NHCC is offering a special BBQ-themed Father’s Day brunch. The brunch is specially designed to make the day special for all the fathers who work hard to make their children’s dreams a reality.

The brunch features expertly prepared range of mouth watering summer special vegetarian and non- vegetarian delicacies, such as char grilled spring chicken, honey vinegar leg of lamb, beer brine pork roast, red wine braised mini steaks, barbeque prawns, pork bratwurst, corn on the cob, spicy potato, balsamic marinated mushroom, potato mash and cheese and a lot more in addition to the regular buffet.

And that’s not all, there is a lip smacking dessert buffet. The brunch will be accompanied by a host of activities like special instant games for fathers by kids, performance by live band etc. Besides all this, people can avail a 50 per cent discount on a birthday cake for fathers which can be ordered at Le-Café any time in 2014.

Make Father’s Day special with a decorated wardrobe

After a delightful lunch, a perfect shop for a perfect wardrobe will throw up a smile on your dad’s face. Gifting options across categories such as apparel, perfumes, travel bags, footwear, personal accessories and much more by shopping malls will make sure your wallet doesn’t cry. Shoppers Stop’s exclusive brand Vettorio Fratini is offering a smart range of casuals and formals. Vettorio Fratini characterizes sophistication through a combination of iconic and contemporary styles. Choose from a wide array of formal and semi formal shirts, chinos, tees, shorts, ties and bags being offered by the brand.

It doesn’t end here, if you are overwhelmed with the wide variety of options available at Shoppers Stop this Father’s Day – turn to the ultimate gift of choice with the Shoppers Stop Gift Card. Giving freedom and flexibility to indulge in one’s personal favourite products, the Shoppers Stop Gift Cards can be loaded with any desired value, as well as redeemed for any required amount, making the shopping experience easy and carefree.

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