Elegant jewellery for every occasion

Elegant jewellery for every occasion

Elegant Jewellery For Every Occasion. Tushna Patel’s collection is lavish and elegant, and for those who want their old ornaments renewed her area of work is a reason to celebrate

Tushna Patel’s collection is lavish and elegant, and for those who want their old ornaments renewed her area of work is a reason to celebrate

Tushna Patel is going full swing for the wedding season. A certified designer who has assisted jewellery designers in Jaipur, Chennai and Hyderabad, Tushna Patel worked for jewellery boutiques. She has also executed brand-level designing projects for a European jewellery line, and to top it all she has been crafting her own collection of jewellery.

Tushna's specialty lies in imagining out-of-the-box designs and manifesting them for the wearing pleasure of clients. Her expertise lies in creating a design concept and presenting it as a 3-dimensional image in the preliminary stage which forms the blueprint of the jewel-in-the-making.

Her jewellery is of a different kind. She specialises in sentimental jewellery. A family heirloom and old gold can be converted to new pieces, most of all, wedding jewellery like rings, earrings, chokers et al. Tushna deals in all kinds of jewellery, be it gold or silver.

Her recent piece was a blue sapphire with a diamond. To ensure the authenticity of her gems she does her research at home, sourcing stones from dealers and then getting it certified by a lab. According to the guidelines of the Federal Trade Commission, in order to be stamped or called "handmade" the work must be made solely by hand power or hand guidance. This means that jewellery may be made using drills, lathes, or other machinery, but it must be guided by the hand. This precludes the use of punch presses, CNC machinery and casting, to name a few processes. Beyond that, handmade jewellery can be made out of any material and with a wide variety of techniques. The American Gem Trade Association Spectrum awards, the Gem Center Idar Oberstein, and the De Beers Awards include awards for handmade jewellery.

Her main arena being designing, she gives you a computer image or a photo and you get the best idea about how the piece will look. Given the amount of work that goes into designing a piece, one wonders out aloud whether these pieces take a long time to finish.

"I could take a month for easier pieces and up to 6 months at times for the more challenging ones, like the most recent diamond sapphire," she adds. Tushna is not a mass jeweller and doesn’t stock any jewellery. Neither does she have a showroom. She sends her pieces to Mumbai and other places in the north to get the ornaments done by the best craftsmen and these craftsmen finish her work on contract.

Engagement rings have to be the best of the best.

“If someone really likes my jewellery, I don’t really mind making a copy, but there would be a tiny difference in each and every piece,” she insists. Just take a look and enjoy the beautifully crafted pieces.

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