Hyd Metro boasts of being the safest

Hyd Metro boasts of being the safest

We must give it to the Mumbaikars for having metros which are a lot more visually appealing and futuristic unlike the rolling stocks of Hyderabad...

But look at the beauty that is Mumbai Metro

We must give it to the Mumbaikars for having metros which are a lot more visually appealing and futuristic unlike the rolling stocks of Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR). But beauty is nothing without brains and in this particular case, the Hyderabad metro boasts of bringing elaborate and spectacular features on its saloon pile, making it the safest metro in the country.

While interacting with a spokesperson from the HMR on the safety elements, he said, “HMR has something called as ‘Event Recorder’ or ‘Train Vital Data Recorder’ (often called Black Box, drawing analogy from aircraft). The Event Recorder records vital data and maintains it even in a crash, water submerging and fire conditions. The data of last 15 days would be available in Event Recorder for investigation in case of any accident which can be downloaded.”

Apart from these additions to the safety norms, another significant element is the placement of CCTV cameras. Each car of the HMR has four CCTV cameras in the interior of each car (12 CCTV’s per train), one front and one rear camera for monitoring and recording the real time images. The CCTV recording of last seven days would be available for investigation purpose of any incident. Further to this, it also has four outside cameras mounted on each train to assist train operator to view platform condition and accordingly open and close the train doors.

But that is just the beginning. Talking about the design aesthetics, it was learnt that Hyderabad metro trains design is optimised to get minimum starting and rolling resistance-- the front provides maximum space in the car interior to accommodate passengers. The design of front emergency evacuation door (instead of side evacuation) in 2.9 metres width cars has been introduced for the first time in India. This feature eliminates the requirement of guide way at both sides of the viaduct and thus reducing the viaduct width. This reduction in total width of 1.5 metres has cut down on viaduct construction works and saved several nearby properties from demolition thus reducing adverse impact of project.

The trains are also completely disable-friendly. Each driving car (first and last car) has dedicated wheel chair space wherein the wheel chair can be attached to remain steady during train run.

“In line with international standards, the gap of stationary car from the platform is 75mm in horizontal and less than 50mm in height thereby allowing smooth movement of the wheel chairs. The train has public address system, giving information to visually challenged persons,” he said.

Other exclusive features of the rolling stocks include optimised wheel rail profile through wheel rail interaction simulation studies. First time in Indian Metro, S1002, wheel profile has been introduced with 1/40 rail inclination to optimise wheel wear, vertical and lateral forces between the wheel and rails. Reduction in forces between wheel and rail leads to better riding comfort and stability of train, while double bellow panel type gangway helps in better noise reduction.

LED lightings are used instead of florescent lighting for saloon interior to reduce the power consumption. LCD TV type route maps of 18.5 inches size above the door coving are designed for better displays. Interior of the saloon has been anthropometrically designed by MBD, France.

Rolling stock design is also compatible to platform screen door which would be required in the future.

The cars would also have mobile and laptop charging sockets inside them and more powerful AC with humidity control.

All said and done, finally it is the look that counts and, no doubt, Mumbai Metro is fantastic giving the feeling that we are in London or New York.

Safety features on the trains include:

• Door obstacle detection system when doors are closing will ensure no trapped passengers between doors.
• Saloon door opening and closing alarm.
• Train can be moved only when all doors are closed and locked.
• Automatic Train Protection (ATP), Automatic Train Operation (ATO), Automatic Train Supervision.
• Passenger Emergency Alarm Talk back to TO (Train Operator).
• Passenger Addressing System.
• Fail Safe Pneumatic Emergency Air Brake.
• Provision of Dead man safety feature on the Traction-Brake controller handle.
• Wheel Slip/Slide Protection.
• Crash-Worthy design of cars.
• Derailment guard on rails.
• On-board fire and smoke detection, fire extinguishers inside coach and driver’s cab.
• Emergency brake application in a moving train if unintended partings of the cars occur.
• Front evacuation of passengers in emergency.

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