Business blooms at Tadepalli nurseries

Business blooms at Tadepalli nurseries

Business blooms at Tadepalli nurseries, In the urban landscape that is dotted with concrete jungles, even a tender green plant seems like an oasis.

In the urban landscape that is dotted with concrete jungles, even a tender green plant seems like an oasis. To experience a pleasant green view, many flat dwellers, building owners and small households have started raising plants in whatever little space is available on their premises. Flowers and plants of different species which do not occupy great space are much in demand. Now, one can see flowers potted on balconies and terraces. The new trend has led to rise in demand for nursery plants. Owners of nurseries are cashing in on the rise in demand for plants.

V Sriramula Reddy, owner of VSR Nursery at Tadepalli, said, “The sale of plants has gone up tremendously in the past two years. Despite the space crunch, a majority of flat dwellers want to grow some plants in their apartment premises.”

Realising the potential, owners of nurseries located adjacent to the highway near Tadepalli have pumped in more investments to reap timely profits. Some nursery owners have started importing plants from other countries to cater to the needs of the customers in Vijayawada and Guntur where the capital region of Andhra Pradesh is coming up. Several small time vendors have also ventured into the business, selling plants on push carts for eking out a living.

“We have about 50 variants of hibiscus and 80 kinds of roses. There are also 20 varieties of crotons, besides regular plants. There are several varieties of exclusive plants for indoors and outdoors and kitchen gardens. There is also a good demand for lawn grass as the rich and affluent and corporate houses and industrialists are not leaving their vacant space barren. Lawn grass is also being raised at traffic islands and on road dividers by the civic bodies as part of their clean and green campaign,'' Sriramula said.

Generally, the nursery owners procure flower plants and saplings from Bengaluru, Pune and Rajahmundry. The imported Gerbera and Anthurium plants cost more than Rs 300 each. With the increase in demand for nursery plants, the market for flower pots and other accessories and plant nutrients have also risen tremendously.
“The vendors who sell plants on push carts, are now visiting nurseries at Tadepalli on every alternate day for fresh stock. Earlier, the vendors used to visit the nurseries twice a week. With the increase in demand for plants, they are able to sell their stock in just one day now.

The vendors who generally have direct contact with customers, are asking for new variety plants to further enhance their business. Kashmir roses and some croton species are much in demand. Chrysanthemums is also a much sought after plant species. Mere purchase of flower plants is not enough, emphasis should also be laid on their nourishment. Then only our environs can turn green,” said Sriramula Reddy who set up his nursery in two acres of land.

By: Ch Sowmya Sruthi

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