Worth spending on makeup: British makeup artist

Worth spending on makeup: British makeup artist

Worth spending on makeup: British makeup artist.Indian women are \"so beautiful\", says a London-based makeup artist Tara Moghaddam and further adds that she is in love with the bright colours of India and would love to do make-up for Indian stars.

Indian women are "so beautiful", says a London-based makeup artist Tara Moghaddam and further adds that she is in love with the bright colours of India and would love to do make-up for Indian stars. Also, she advises Indian women to spend wisely on cosmetics.

According to research by British voucher code website, women can spend 38,400 pounds (Rs 35 lakh) on beauty products in a lifetime. Asked if this is worth it, Moghaddam says, "Yes, it is worth it, but it's important to know what type of skin you have and the product you need. People often find themselves going to skincare shops and buying lots of stuff because they've heard great reviews."

"But actually they don't know if the product is good for their skin or not. It's important to make an informed decision and then spend on it. It's worth spending if you know what it is and what it's going to do for you, and if it will help you in some way or not," she added. The 25-year-old also noted that people have the tendency, especially with beauty products, that "if a celebrity name drops it... that's it... it suits everyone. That's not the case. It's not necessary that those products will suit everyone".

"Indian women are so beautiful. I haven't seen any massive mistakes. Sometimes you find women trying to go a shade lighter and look fair, but other than that, no major mistakes," she replied. With soaring summer temperatures, the expert says "skin is always a trend. Fresh glowing skin, lots of structure in the face, contouring and highlighting will always be around," added the international trainer, educator and makeup artist of Kryolan, London.

Moghaddam, who specialises in special FX, camouflage and high definition makeup, among others, said she is fascinated by the makeup she has seen in Asia. "I've always taken major interest in the Indian and Asian style of makeup...I love the bright colours that they use... it's always something I've been fascinated with," said the expert with over seven years of experience in the makeup industry.

She is particularly bowled over by the bridal look in the country. "In the West, it's all natural and soft with subtle eyes and fresh glowing skin. Here, you need more colours to compete with the extraordinary details of outfits that are worn by brides. Natural makeup wouldn't suit their skin because they would look dry and dull...that brightness, you absolutely need it," she said. Along with the Kryolan professional makeup team, she has worked at Berlin's Bambi awards for celebrities and she is eyeing Bollywood stars now.

Lauding the Supreme Court for striking down last year a rule prohibiting women from working as makeup artists in the Indian film industry, the expert said: "It's amazing. It should've always been like that. Shame that they missed out on it for so many years. "Such a thriving industry... something that's taken over the world. It's really sad that they couldn't do it for so long. I'm so happy. It's an amazing step for India. I would also love to do makeup for Indian stars," added Moghaddam.

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