Virtual, Virtually, Virtual Reality

Virtual, Virtually, Virtual Reality

Virtual has multiple meanings, and its meanings are gaining importance in 21st century as the world is getting closer and closer to virtual reality. 

Virtual has multiple meanings, and its meanings are gaining importance in 21st century as the world is getting closer and closer to virtual reality.

Virtual is an adjective meaning something being so in effect; in all but name, in effect, implied, implicit, in practice but in name (a virtual war exists between India and Pakistan), something almost near, so close to something real but not quite (the virtual collapse of Cold War gave rise to a multipolar world yet the USA and China dominates along with the Permanent 5 in the United Nations).

In computing, computers, online or digital world, virtual refers to connecting with someone or something (virtual friends can turn to real friends: people meet virtually online, and later meet in the physical world: at a bar or café or musical venue and take off or take out their relationship).

After leaving behind their historical animosities, France and Germany virtually have no border controls.

Virtual means in effect, near, near enough, for all practical purposes (you actually, do no need money if you have a card (debit card, or credit card).

In computing, virtual things are those that are not physically existing: virtual games, virtual images…

Virtually is an adverb: virtually means in practice; though not strictly speaking.

Who is virtually the boss of a house? Husband or Wife?

Virtually means almost, nearly, as good as, more or less, for all practical purposes.

Scant rains and plenty of rains wreak havoc on farmers, and also virtually affect the national economy.

Mobile phones-driven apps are bringing virtual reality closer to reality!

Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or thing, aseemingly real or physical world.

Virtual reality’s tools are a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors or by using a visor which may have two screens.

Virtual reality is abbreviated as VR.

Virtual reality is almost real but not completely real but a near reality that a person can experience of something or someone.

Virtual reality is a reality emulation.

Human beings have five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing, and a sense of balance: an experience of reality is a combination of sensory information and a sense-making mechanism of the brain which the virtual reality (makers) are tapping on in a non-existent environment but simulated, or computer generated.
VR is used in day to day applications such as in medicine, entertainment, architecture, art works among others.

If everything is virtual, and virtual reality, what is humane, humanness and human touch left for?

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