Events to watch
Events to watch

The puppetry show 
Lamakaan is organising a puppetry show ‘Chekka Bommalata of Burugupeta’ village on March 13 from 7:30 pm at its premises.  

Chekka Bommlata or Koyya Bommlata a string puppetry is pride of Telangana State. At present, two troupes, one from Ammapuram which is quite well known and second is Burugupeta (lesser known) perform it. 

They belong to Beda Budiga Jangam community. The uniqueness of this Budiga Jangam community is that they are good at singing, music rendition and folk art forms. Buduga Jangam is an artistic community which has more than 24 sub communities along with Bommalalollu, Sarada Kala Rupamvalu, Kakipapala, Ganayeti, Mandhechchu, and so on.

However, Buduga is a percussion instrument associated with the narration of Jangam Kathas or Kathalu. This instrument is also known as Buduga, Budiga, Dikki,and Gummeta in Telugu. This Buduga Jangam community are traditional narrators of stories from mythology, epics, and heroic tales of the region.

Basically, Budiga Jangaluvalu are wandering hunters and food gatherer. However, present generation is quite well educated and has chosen alternative profession for livelihood.

Theatre Weekend

Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation is organising a two-day theatre weekend from March 10 to 11 at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Banjara Hills from 7pm onwards. As part of it, plays like 'Snapshots of a Fervid Sunrise' Directed by Dushyanth Gunasekhar, featuring Uchit Nair & Vaishwath Shankar on March 10 and 'The Story of Meerabai: Main Prem Deewanee' written by Neena Wagh featuring Arti Nayar, Arun Prakash & others will be staged. 

The play Snapshots of a Fervid Sunrise is a true story of young Indian freedom fighters, divided by geography yet united by fate. Another play The Story of Meerabai: Main Prem Deewanee is about the ever-mystical legend of a saint who defied convention with her devotional music will also be staged.