5 Alternatives to Traditional Employment

5 Alternatives to Traditional Employment

Usually, most college graduates, making plans for the future, are limited to a quite meagre choice to continue learning or to get a job in a large company There is nothing wrong in such a conservative worldview

Usually, most college graduates, making plans for the future, are limited to a quite meagre choice: to continue learning or to get a job in a large company. There is nothing wrong in such a conservative worldview. Indeed, an excellent education in a prospective university will significantly increase your chances of obtaining a high post. An internship in a thriving firm can be the beginning of a great career.

But a lot of students sometimes forget about other options; try to expand your horizons to see a different, more interesting, way for self-realization. The college is just the central place from which numerous trajectories emanate - behind each of them, there are many unrealized opportunities. Below is a list of alternatives to traditional ways of thinking. Something you have to taste.


The creation of any start-up is connected with financial and social difficulties but frequently we do not take into account some of the nuances. Working in an unknown company, you run the risk of stability, salary, and peace of mind - these are the ingredients that you can find in a well-known brand. But you get the next bonuses:

Personal tutor. As a rule, a start-up team represents a small group of people, in contrast to a multi-thousand office. Your director is not a faceless figure, appearing in trouble - you will meet him in line for coffee or dinner. The informal environment promotes the establishment of free communication and obtaining advice from superiors.

High level of responsibility - if your crew consists of five individuals, then you expect the same degree of liability as your manager. Such an arrangement stimulates the development of leadership and organizational qualities, which will significantly improve your resume.

A large potential victory. Collaborators, who stood at the origins of the firm, share its achievements equally, guided by the principle of justice. You may get a lot of material compensation for your loyalty and efforts. Although this forecast is sometimes not realized, nevertheless, such a development of events is impossible in a large firm. There, you are only a laborer receiving an established rate.

Perhaps you are already thinking about the workplace - then check AngelList, where you can find start-ups. Good advice can be obtained from the association of your college graduates.


Do not consider this method only in the context of improving your CV or getting a great reference letter. Through participation in volunteer programs, you are able to travel and provide all possible assistance to those in need. Ability to work in a team, initiative, proactivity, system thinking is related to skills, meaningful for the majority of employers. They can be successfully formed due to the indicated practice. There are several resources that offer a similar capability:

The Peace Corps proposes two years of service to all American citizens who have reached the age of 18. You have to infiltrate the everyday life of local residents, as well as intensively work on projects related to the education or launch of the business.

Americorps covers only the territory of the United States. Various areas of science are available to volunteers; the period of service varies from three months to a couple of years.

WWOOF is a bridge between volunteers and organic farming around the world. You will learn about the structure of agriculture and will gain a lot of useful skills.

Volunteering provides a unique occasion to test how much your proficiencies correspond to what is required in the job market for the chosen specialty. If there is the negative result, do not hesitate to tell yourself the reality about the need for retraining.

A volunteer is the nerve of society, a large company turns into a soulless machine without such people. That is why a lot of headers are focusing on corporate social responsibility programs. If these options do not suit you, you may always address the Internet space and find another organization.

There is the principal drawback of such work. It is a complete lack of confidence in whether the aim that is being pursued is ultimately achieved. Besides, it is hard for specialists who decide on such employment to immediately join the production process of the new company.

Working for Yourself

Most of us are absolutely sure that self-employment is a labor-consuming and incomprehensible occupation. Being hard to master, it is much easier to come to an already existing enterprise. We believe that it is necessary to have a predisposition to business activity at the genetic level or a large starting capital from the parents.

Self-employment requires a lot of time and colossal efforts - before you become firmly on your feet, not one year will pass. Start trying early. If you have such a desire at the university, work on its incarnation now; in this case, you have the time to experiment without experiencing pressure from economic circumstances.

Self-employment is diverse regarding forms and versions. This can be office work, freelancing, marketing, selling software or author music, and much more. Look for your way to succeed. The crisis makes us think about the fallacy of our preference but you should remind yourself of the advantages of your business. For instance, you independently set the working schedule and vacation time, agree only on those orders you like and can work anywhere in the world.


After graduation, the chances of seeing other countries increase significantly, especially if you take the following tips.

Buy a backpack. Examination of mountaineering may become a grandiose way to make a trip cheap as continue your hobby. Do not be lazy to look through blogs with similar courses.

Working holidays. Numerous visa agreements allow graduates to work abroad for gaining professional experience. The USA cooperates with Ireland, Australia, South Korea, and other countries; you are proposed a short and long period. If you plan to stay at least a year, start applying now.

Scholarships - the mentioned option is suitable for persons with strong academic knowledge; the programs provide for deepening scientific competencies and research methodology.

Study abroad - the most demanded direction is teaching English. Other disciplines can be required.

Get Discipleship

History considers an akin method as an excellent occasion to get acquainted not only with another culture but also with its future profession. Getting experience, you live at the expense of a master who cares about your food and bed; after ending, you take the exam and receive payment as an apprentice. Your main purpose is to become an expert in the chosen field.

In our time it is hard to find the appropriate person - you will have to establish contacts with well-known specialists and ask for them to study. Emphasize your desire to get skills, not money; the worst that awaits you is a refusal.

Thus, after graduating from college, you have exciting possibilities: on the one hand, you are afraid of unknown and potential misses. On the other, if you take the risk of following your path, you will feel the rapture of own determination and good luck.

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