Menstrual cycle: Periods, pain and discomfort

Menstrual cycle: Periods, pain and discomfort

Periods. It is a roller coaster ride for every woman. It is like emotions swing from extreme feel good zone to extreme anxiety led depression.

Periods. It is a roller coaster ride for every woman. It is like emotions swing from extreme feel good zone to extreme anxiety led depression. At one second you feel like you are on top of the world and you would like to do everything but after that very second, you feel like you would like to bang your head on the wall and be done with the world. Why such extreme thoughts make our life so difficult during those days? Your head swirls round 365 degrees in a minute and at the very minute you feel achieved realization state of Maslow's need hierarchy theory. But all said and done, you need to accept your body changes and try to modify your thoughts and actions according to it. Women are greatly affected by hormone fluctuations. The hormone levels move from one axis to another axis in a second that you feel happy and sad very frequently during those times. What should one do when one is surrounded with this internal conflict?

1. Explain your behaviour:

First, explain your mood swings and behaviour to the person who is staying with you or who sees you often. They may have to be prepared for the irritated manner or negative emotions that you will provide in those days. They may also gauge their acts and try not to rub you in a wrong manner.

2. Binge on some sweets:

The hormone levels goes so high that you may feel your inner sweet tooth ache for some sugar. No problem. Go for it. But do take notice of how much you eat. Do not let the hormone control you. The high amount of sugar and salty foods that you eat will lead to other health issues. So take sweets in moderate. There is always sugar free products which you can try.

3. Relax:

Take your time out on those days and stretch your muscles. Stay calm. You could always watch your favourite chick flick with the dishes that you like. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes for few minutes. Listening to melodious songs and instrumental music adds an advantage to eliminate stress.

4. Breathe:

Do not exercise as it will make you body weak. Instead go for soft exercises. You may walk for a few distance. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. This will be good for your heart and will calm your senses thus reducing your anxiety levels.

5. Accept:

Accept the changes in the system and feel free to talk to someone you are comfortable with. It could be your best female friend. As she might be also suffering with these hormone fluctuations, she could give some good tips in how to tackle with it. Don't think too much. Just go for shopping or put on your favourite outfit or accessories. It is just a matter of few days and then your body will come back to normal.

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