Did you know that hormone IRISIN has multiple health benefits ?
Did you know that hormone IRISIN has multiple health benefits ?

A Hormone called IRISIN that is secreted by muscles following exercise also protects lungs from injury after periods of inadequate blood supply, scientists report. They say that IRISIN treatments before surgery could help improve patient outcomes, and additionally help people with medical conditions such as blood clots and acute respiratory distress syndrome that can cause lung damage known as ischemia reperfusion injuries. 

Intravenous IRISIN injections, improved survival, prevented loss of lung function, reduced excess fluid build up when tested on a injured mice.

7 healthy habits for effective Entrepreneurs 

Busy busy busy is a perpetual state of being for most of the entrepreneurs. 

Taking care of ones one’s health, be it physical or mental, is not optional - it's sometimes what we are suppose to make time for. We know what to do: eat well, exercise, take time off but actually doing it is hard.

Here are some of the things to practice : Let's exercise- no negotiating 
The perfect day begins with an hour spent at the gym, first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up. It's a wonderful feeling to accomplish one goal as soon as you wake up.

Work hard! Eat right! And don't skip meals 
You are what you eat- literally! A little planning goes a long way. Try keeping healthy snacks at the work place and a list of healthy places to order from handy. Have a list of what you will not eat. And try to stick to it. Try avoiding carbs and refined sugar. A Cheat meal once in a week is fine.  And try hydrating your self by drinking plenary of water.

Take care of you: 
Try doing one thing that you love the most. Listen to your favourite music. Eat your favourite meal. Watch your favourite show. To have better health, well being and productivity, you need to reward yourself with things that you absolutely love.

Pace yourself 
Just think of your entrepreneurship journey as a marathon, not a sprint. It is one of the most rewarding journeys to be on. Prioritise, plan and measure hold yourself and your team accountable, but just note it that it's a long time process.

Invest in relationships 
One develops tunnel vision as entrepreneurs. It becomes all about work and one forgets the important things. Spend time with family and friends. Switch off. Invest in relationships. 

Focus on dressing what is comfortable. Never think much about what to wear. Just do guess work what do right in the morning. 

Stay on the move:
We are leading sedentary life styles, chained to computers all day. Taking a short break to move about is very essential. Try and do 10 k steps everyday.