Govt fails to address problems of education

Govt fails to address problems of education

The Telangana Prantha Upadhyaya Sangam (TPUS) as part of its call given for a state-wide protest, staged dharna in all mandal headquarters in...

Mahbubnagar: The Telangana Prantha Upadhyaya Sangam (TPUS) as part of its call given for a state-wide protest, staged dharna in all mandal headquarters in Mahbubnagar district on Wednesday and demanded the government to address the issues of Teachers in the State immediately.

The members of the TPUS during their protest said that even though it’s been more than three and half years have gone past, the State government has done nothing to improve the quality of education in the State. Because of its neglect attitude of the government the school education in the State is in doldrums and bogged up with issues and problems.

Instead of trying to strengthen the school education system the State government is resorting to setting up of caste based residential schools in the name of BC, SC, ST and Minority Gurukulas and dividing the society right from the school education level. “We had many hopes on this government and thought that the government would bring some revolutionary changes with an inclusive and most robust education system.

But to our surprise, this government has totally neglected the school education system and instead is dividing the society on the basis of caste and religion right from the school level as the children will imbibe into their minds of being associated with a caste or religion. It will divide them on these lines right from the childhood, which is not good for the society,” says Suram Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, President of TPUS.

The TPUS demanded the State government to shun the caste and religion base model of education system and asked the government to strengthen the exiting school infrastructure and improve the conditions of school teachers by protecting their rights.

The TPUS members said the government had earlier promised to abolish contributory pension scheme (CPS) but left in the lurch, the State government is not even ready to provide the death benefits being offered by the Central government to the CPS employees.

“CPS is completely in the hands of State government and we demand the government to immediately abolish the CPS system and roll back old pension scheme (OPS). At the same time to time improve the quality of education in the government schools. There is an immediate need for the government to fill up all the vacant teachers’ posts. Moreover, the present school education system is lacking the proper supervision system. All the vacant of Mandal Education Officer (MEO), Deputy Education Officer (EO) and District Education Officer (DEO) posts must be filled at the earliest, or else school education will continue to suffer with problems,” added Hanmanthu, State Secretary TPUS.

Among the major demands of TPUS include abolition of CPS and re-incitation of OPS, Upgradation of pundits and PET teachers, implementation of Universal Service regulations, rationalisation of schools as every habitation needs school, Health card to teachers be accepted in all hospitals and there should be no restriction to limited diseases, as per GO No 342 the SC & ST teachers must be allowed to go for higher education, filling up of all the vacant MEO, GHM and DEO posts for better supervision of school education, provide equal benefits to KGBV teachers on par with government teachers, provide notional increments to teacher working on Rs 398 per day wage are some of the major demands among others.

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