How to Come Over a Pet Loss

How to Come Over a Pet Loss

We read the news about the demise of superstar Salman Khans pet dog My Love This left the superstar emotional

We read the news about the demise of superstar Salman Khan's pet dog ‘My Love’. This left the superstar emotional.

It is very sad but we do have the ways to get over it. There are few tips to come over the pet loss in real life.

1. Accept the fact: We should always remember the fact that we are going to live longer than our pets. Sometimes we are aware and sometimes we have to face the reality unexpectedly.

2. Discuss with your Vet: Discuss the problem with the Vet, understand the reality and pain of your pet. Take a wise decision keeping the happiness of your pet in mind. Go for a second opinion from another Vet if needed.

3. Lock your pet memories: Click as many pictures as you can. You can cherish these memories later. You can remember and show off what a wonderful pet was part of your life. Take the print of their paws if possible.

4. Spend more time: Try spending time as much as possible with your pet, cherish each and every second spent with your pet. You may not be able to do this later.

Make your pet comfortable, talk or sing for her/him. Take your pet to her/his favourite place. Where (s)he can enjoy and feel happy.

5. Accompany your pet during the treatment: Whatever might be the procedure like anaesthetizing or giving an injection. Hold and pat your pet and accompany throughout the procedure. Make her/him feel comfortable.

6. Be prepared for the final bye: It will be absolutely a nightmare. But you need to be prepared beforehand for the rituals you want to follow. You can also include your family and friends for the final rites.

7. Open up and cry: Don’t bolt your emotions cry as much as you feel like. If you control yourself you may end up feeling sad forever.

8. Remember your pet: Cherish the memories of your pet which you saved. Do share your feelings with your friends. They are always there for you.

9. Move ahead: It is very sad and heartbreaking to lose your pet but remember life has to go on. Don’t lock yourself in fall a prey to depression. Look around, the world is really beautiful.

10. Make your pet eternal: Do something in memory of your pet. Donate something in memory of your pet. Spend some time with another animal which needs your help. Plant a sapling and name it after your pet. You will end up cherishing your pet forever.

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