Shift Telugu Varsity to Srisailam

Shift Telugu Varsity to Srisailam

It is sad to read the unhappy struggle of The Telugu University to regain the glory after the split THI, Dec,10,2018 It has to squeeze itself in 20...

It is sad to read the unhappy struggle of The Telugu University to regain the glory after the split. (THI, Dec.,10,2018). It has to squeeze itself in 20 acres of land, with a thinning student and staff strength. How long will it sustain is a million- dollar question? Persons who matter in the administration of the University, often cross examine the supporters of the cause of the University: What purpose does a Language University serve in this fast developing technological age? They lack common sense that language is the bedrock of all sciences. It has been proved by the greatest scientists that the mother tongue occupies first place.

The limit for a Language University is the Horizon! One of the distinguished former Vice Chancellors of the Telugu University used to say: "We are expected to teach from Witchcraft to Rocket". When asked to explain, he was very interesting to listen.

Classical literature explained about all of them in an appealing language. When the poets describe, rather worship the 'Nature', its Geography, Environment, Botany, Zoology, Herpetology, Pollution and protected water supply. In sum, there is not a subject that the Nature does not teach us. When a feast is arranged, it is culinary science. Architecture is ancient Engineering Technology. Every folklore and proverb teach us social Science, economics, medicine, politics, morals, etc.

Keeping in view, the dreamer politician, Chief Minister N.T. Rama Rao, started the Telugu University in December, 1985 and in 1995 named it after the Martyr for the Telugu cause of, Potti Sriramulu. (Now known as PSTU). Though started in a small space, in the corner of the Public Garden in Hyderabad, he wanted it to be permanently established in Srisailam. He also allotted 270 acres of temple land. , It would have been a liberal expansion of the School of History, Culture and Archaeology, Campus of the PSTU there.

It would have been a model place like the Banaras Hindu University, 1916; Mahatma Gandhi Kasi, Vidyapitha, 1921; Rashtreeya Sanskrit Vidyapitha, Tirupati, 1961; Tamil University, Thanjavur, 1981; Kannada University, Hampi, 1991; : Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Wardha,Maharashtra, 1997; etc. Unfortunately, his successors of his political outfit, bear neither sentimental nor factual attachments to his dreams.

Time is not lost even now. Srisailam Temple has ample vacant, unused land. Based on the tribal culture, forest wealth, and such other infrastructure, a model University can be developed to impart curricular in novel courses. A course of A.P. and Indian culinary science can be taught in the number of Free choultries. Choultries are charitable. They may be requested to provide free food and accommodation to the students.

In hindsight, Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt and Dharmasthala Temple, in Karnataka have been serving food for the students in the local academic Institutions. Just as the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams has been financially assisting many academic institutions, including the Sri Venkateswara University, the Bhramaramba, Mallikarjunaswamy Temple, Srisailam may be asked to fill the vacuum, if any. This will be a much- needed contribution of the present govt to the backward Rayalaseema.

- K C Kalkura, Kurnool

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