BJP deserves credit on Mallya case

BJP deserves credit on Mallya case

Apropos UK orders Mallyas extradition to India, the Central government deserves credit for making a convincing case and pursuing it steadfastly to...

Apropos ‘UK orders Mallya’s extradition to India’, the Central government deserves credit for making a convincing case and pursuing it steadfastly to ensure Mallya’s extradition. With the UK Home Office upholding the lower court’s ruling, the tycoon’s sunny days seem to have come to a close. The CBI, which played a significant role in engineering the extradition, also deserves a mention.

Criminals who flee the country to seek a safe haven on foreign shores should be clear that they can’t escape retribution by hoodwinking government agencies. Of course, Mallya still has a lifeline - he can file an appeal with the UK High Court against the Home Secretary’s order - but it’s clear that he is running out of legal options. The Modi government has shown exceptional resilience and doggedness in pursuing the case. If it is successful in bringing him back, the BJP can showcase this remarkable achievement to voters.

- J Akshobhya, Secunderabad

Mallya deserves harsh punishment

Vijay Mallya who owes Rs 9000 crore to 17 banks in India fled to London and took refuge there since March 3,2016. Mallya who is the chief of a group of firms and a liquor baron was facing the charges of money laundering and fraud in India. He has such a cult following even in foreign land to get bail within three hours when he was arrested by Scotland Yard at the instance of ED and CBI non bailable warrants .

It is alleged that he raised loans from several banks in India apparently for business promotion but with that money he acquired valuable assets in foreign land.It seems the banks were hoodwinked by his lavish style of living and extended crores of rupees of public money to him as loan. Though the banks follow strict procedure while extending loans to common public even for small amount which is virtually thrown into air in the case of Mallya, Nirav Modi, Choksi etc .

As result of it the banks have been suffering from mountain of Non-Performing Assets (NPA). Mallya has a provision to approach various courts to overturn his extradition order. But agencies concerned should not give up their efforts to bring him back to India to face the consequences of his misdeeds, so that it will act as a deterrent for prospective fugitives. Meanwhile the agencies must initiative to bring back fugitives like Nirod Modi and his nephew just like Christian Michael offender in the Agust Westland helicopter deal from the UAE.

- Pratapa Reddy Yaramala ,Tiruvuru,

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