TRAI should intervene

TRAI should intervene

Mobilephone serviceproviders turn down requests made for details of incoming and Missed calls on mobilenumbers of the persons making such a request in ...

Mobile-phone service-providers turn down requests made for details of ‘incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls on mobile-numbers of the person/s making such a request in name of ‘privacy’, while companies are providing details of ‘Outgoing’ calls even without being asked for.

It is beyond understanding how and why the company can claim ‘privacy’ on providing the sought data when the calls are made to persons requesting such details of ‘Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls received on his mobile-numbers.

Providing details of ‘Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls on request is of utmost importance in cases of obscene/threatening/harassing/fraud calls received by person/s requesting for details of Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls. Such details are also of importance because of unwanted calls interrupting despite registration done on ‘Do-Not-Disturb’ service. It is apparent that mobile-companies cite privacy for deliberately not restricting unwanted calls in order to mint money by such calls.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) should make it mandatory for mobile-service providers to provide details of ‘Incoming’ and ‘Missed’ calls on demand in the manner they provide such details of ‘Outgoing’ calls. ‘Privacy’ factor remains same for ‘Incoming’, ‘Missed’ and ‘Outgoing’ calls.

- Madhu Agarwal, Delhi

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