What BJP-RSS exit poll says

What BJP-RSS exit poll says

What BJP-RSS Exit Poll Says, Jairam Ramesh has started putting up a defence of Rahul Gandhi. He says the Congress could fight the BJP, but not any individual.

Jairam Ramesh has started putting up a defence of Rahul Gandhi. He says the Congress could fight the BJP, but not any individual. He complains that this election was not fought on any issue or ideology. The fact is, it is too late for anyone to lend an ear to such arguments. What one can hear loud and clear is that the Congress is staring at a defeat, and that too a disgraceful defeat.

What BJP-RSS Exit Poll Says

Some 551.3 million voted in this election. The BJP will have to thank its voters who are likely to be in the region of 150 million. Along with voters, Modi will have to profusely thank his mentor institution, the RSS, for its impressive march in this election. During the election campaign those who have seen, first hand, the RSS cadres' efforts to motivate voters to go out and vote claim that on a scale of 10 the RSS will get six marks for its unprecedented hard work in villages and towns to inspire voters to vote for Narendra Modi.

The BJP-RSS have prepared their own exit poll with the help of their cadres, and the Rediff.com presents some important statistics from the report for the sake of people who may be interested in reading about it. According to this estimate the following is the maximum number of seats the BJP is likely to win. This takes the BJP tally to 226 seats. Those states missing on the list are the ones where the BJP doesn't expect to win any seats. The BJP-RSS's assessment is that the TDP will win eight seats, the Shiv Sena around 10 to 12 seats and Akali Dal will get five seats.

In addition, in TN, UP, north-eastern states and in Bihar, the BJP's allies will get around 10 more seats. This will take the NDA tally to 259 seats. This survey, done on the basis of feedback from BJP-RSS workers at the booth level, has given Modi the confidence to start packing his bags in Gandhinagar. On Tuesday, he has done photo shoots with his colleagues and staff. Modi came to Gandhinagar unexpectedly.

He became the chief minister without even fighting an election. And today he has become the most powerful leader in the Sangh Parivar because he is capable of winning election after election.The Sangh's winning star has become so powerful that he will decide who should carry on his legacy in Gujarat once he shifts to New Delhi. His authority is so enormous that he can make even an inconsequential Gujarati the chief minister of his state.

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