When roads get narrower and traffic gets faultier, it is quite possible with the trendsetting ‘scooty –lovers’ that they open their eyes to another world of creativity going blind on the gutter holes and road cuts on the highways. Twenty-three year old Prathik Jain from Karnataka, gave his Vespa a mind boggling makeover.

The young teenager who loves to take his prideful Vespa for long rides on weekends is now habituated to all the attention that he grabs with his artistically attractive Scooter. Prathik claims his relation with Vespa to be ‘love at first sight’ with an ever tranquil aftermath. 

He says , “Its test ride made me crazy and the next day it was mine. Now, I am the most satisfied owner of a Vespa. Thank you, Piaggio, for making the best scooter.” On the day of the Vespa makeover, he rode 80 kms to Bangalore and created the beautiful work of art in just 2 hours. Prathik also takes pride with a jovial smile on his face when he is being nicknamed as ‘Vespa Prathik’. 

Following the makeover a new identity has made this youngster popular across the state. Prathik now seems to be on cloud nine after the garish artwork on his Vespa being recognised as the first graphic makeover for a scooter, in the Limca Book of Records 2015 edition.