Indian schools in Oman

Indian schools in Oman

What I find very interesting is the existence of a good number of Indian Schools in Oman catering to the needs of a large number of expatriates from...

What I find very interesting is the existence of a good number of Indian Schools in Oman catering to the needs of a large number of expatriates from India. There are 19 schools in the Sultanate and of them six are located in Muscat spread over entire area.

According to Tonny George Alexander, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Indian Schools in Oman, there is increasing demand for admission in these schools and this year it is so very high that they had to select the applicants through a draw.

To cope with the situation they propose to conduct shifts in Muscat schools to accommodate as many as possible from the next academic year. With well-qualified teachers preparing the students for the CBSE syllabus, they are faring well securing very high marks in all subjects.

Most of the students are getting admissions in prestigious institution in other countries for higher studies, particularly in Engineering and Medicine. There are students from all the states and in a way they are like 'Mini India'.

There is an ideal brotherhood among them transcending regional and language barriers. Some of the parents who have worked in other countries also say that they have never seen such schools anywhere catering exclusively to the Indian students so very commendably.

'Rajiv's New Education Policy' In this context, one is reminded of a situation long ago when Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister, He came with fresh ideas and set out in right earnest about revamping the whole situation and his comment that only ten percent of the money spent by the Government for welfare schemes reaches the beneficiaries is quoted often.

He proposed 'New Education Policy' which, he thought was the urgent need of the country as it was outdated and not suitable for keeping pace with the advances in science and technology. What happened to his crusading zeal against corruption subsequently within a short period is history. Rahul's schooling abroad!

Talking of his proposed reforms in Education, interestingly on the same day there were two news items in some papers. One was 'New Educational Policy" to be implemented soon". Another was "PM's Children to be educated in Moscow".

What was more interesting was that they would be joining in American School in Moscow. It was not known till then that there was such a school at all in Russia. On seeing that news item somebody quipped whether they would be sent after that to study in Russian school in New York! With that, the heirs-apparent Rahul and Priyanka will complete their education and return to the fatherland, fully equipped to lake over the mantle, effectively escaping their father's 'new educational policy'.

It was commented in one paper that, "nothing but the best in the World is their requirement for the role they might be called upon to play in the affairs of the nation, although at a distant future."

The time has now come for the people to know more about Rahul's educational background as he is likely to play a key role as a prospective candidate for the office held by his father, grand-mother, great grand-father and sacrificed by his illustrious mother.

Nehru became PM in his 52nd year, Indira Gandhi in her 48th year, Rajiv Gandhi when he was 41 years old. Rahul is now 42. Nehru was educated in England where he was called to the bar in Inner temple, a coveted achievement.

He was one of the finest writers in English and held sway over his discerning listeners, by his flowery articulation. Gandhi was greatly enamored of him and on several occasions he was preferred by him over the indefatigable man of steel, Patel.

The country's history would have been entirely different if Patel had been given his due. Indira Gandhi who had studied for a short period in Santhiniketan, had her best grooming from her own father.

Rajiv Gandhi attended the Doon school and later shifted to England to become an Engineer where he had met his future life-partner and gave up his studies and became a Pilot.

He had nothing short of abhorrence for politics and those dabbling in it, but destiny beckoned him to take up the role of 'piloting' country's destiny and met with a tragic end.

Sonia Gandhi wisely declined when the crown was within her reach and won the praise for her sacrifice from her henchmen but she was fortunate in playing a much bigger role from behind the curtains, a power without accountability, her detractors, might say.

Rahul Gandhi is now the Mascot for century old party which had some of the greatest leaders who sacrificed everything without thinking of the morrow. There is nothing wrong in people trying to know where he was educated and for what specialization, Engineering, Medicine, Financial management and so on. His great grand-father had his own father Motilal Nehru and Gandhiji as his mentors. Indira had her own father; Rajiv had his own mother as their role models.

Now, Rahul has his own mother Sonia Gandhi and the reputed 'Mouni Baba', Manmohan Singh as his guides. May God save the Country!

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