The rise and fall of NTR: A Communist perspective

The rise and fall of NTR: A Communist perspective

A woman is responsible for the success of a man, so goes the saying Though there is no role of a woman in the success of NTR in the political field, it has been substantiated that a womans role is definitely there in the fall of his era in politics

A woman is responsible for the success of a man, so goes the saying… Though there is no role of a woman in the success of NTR in the political field, it has been substantiated that a woman’s role is definitely there in the fall of his era in politics.

The debate may arise whether women don’t have rights? Nobody is finding fault with NTR’s second marriage. The necessity of a wife is essential in the age of adulthood and equally a partner is needed in the remaining period of life to anybody. I had visited when wife of Nadendla Bhasker Rao had passed away to commiserate with him. He stated at that time “marital relationship is essential than sexual relations in this old age. We cannot compare sharing with wife the remaining period of life with anything else as such”. These words are still ringing in my ears.

Several people found fault with NTR’s marriage with Lakshmi Parvathi, which is meaningless. In my opinion, if she would have confined as a homemaker, the political situation would have been different. She had shown much interest in political arangetram. Inefficient political leaders had encouraged her and utilised her for their selfish ends.

NTR also had encouraged Lakshmi Parvathi, as an Indian idiom says that “whatever may be status of a gentleman, he will become slave of a woman”. The same thing happened in the case of NTR. Here role of Chandrababu had turned into that of a villain and ultimately, he overpowered the TDP and also the government as well. We abuse him as he had cheated. It is also a fact that as long as cheating exists, cheaters will be taking birth. It is also said that he murdered his own father-in- law. There are no murders in politics, as a matter of fact, there exist suicides.

In the period of political crisis, NTR has exhibited only egoism rather than acting timely and cleverly. Hence, he got defeated though he brought many reforms in the period of five years. Though he got defeated once, gained power, but lost his position in meantime. The reason being was not acting timely according to the situation and could not overcome egoism.

But whereas Chandrababu who acted timely with utmost patience could achieve his goal. He behaved with dedication, determination, patience and could become successful in his endeavour. There is one argument that because Chandrababu was the son- in- law of NTR it was possible for him. If that is the case, Daggubati Venkateshwar Rao, who belongs to a landlord family, and became part and parcel of emergence of the TDP and above all he became son- in- law of NTR prior to Chandrababu. Why was he not successful?

Both the Communist parties had extended support to Chandrababu while he revolted against NTR. At that time, I was the secretary of Chittoor district council of the CPI. I went to Viceroy Hotel in the period of political crisis in the State, to talk to Chandrababu. While Chandrababu was in a meeting with legislators, I went to the dais and spoke to him and came out. By that time under the leadership of NTR and Lakshmi Parvathi, their followers had come to Viceroy Hotel.

Along with them P Indra Reddy, the then Home Minister, Paritala Ravi, Nehru and others tried to enter into the hotel forcibly. I did not want to come out of that area of tension. I and Malyadri, the then district secretary of CPM had stood firmly holding the sticks of tent erected there to resist them. By that time, Iqbal, the then concerned Circle Inspector had ordered us not to come down from the place where we were standing.

Iqbal had also said that he would look after the persons who were forcibly entering. As Iqbal started obstructing forcible entry, they tried to resist. Immediately Iqbal slapped Paritala Ravi. With that incident, everybody went back and in no time they disappeared from the scene. Puvvada Nageshwara Rao, then our party leader, questioned me after knowing the incident. “Why were you there? If something happened, what would have been your fate?” “Yes. I could not run away from the high-tension incident” was my soft reply to him.

In retrospect, one can say the life of NTR all the way continued positively. Laxminarayana, though he was having severe differences with Lakshmi Parvathi, had not pointed out such sort of any incidents in the book. He has mentioned the entry of Laxmi Parvathi into life of NTR positively. On Nadendla Bhaskar Rao, though he played a villainous role in the TDP, he has been mentioned positively in the book, highlighting his special qualities.I express my heartfelt greetings for placing the biography of NTR before the people with Chandrahas’s style and background of Laxminarayana. I hope this will be the most useful work for the research students interested in the biography of NTR.

(Dr K Narayana - The author is national secretary, CPI)

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