Sexually explicit media to affect teens

Sexually explicit media to affect teens

Sexually Explicit Media To Affect Teens. Viewing Sexually Explicit Material Through Media Such As The Internet, Videos, And Magazines May Be Directly Linked With The Sexual Behaviour Of Adolescents And Young Adult

Washington: Viewing sexually explicit material through media such as the Internet, videos, and magazines may be directly linked with the sexual behaviour of adolescents and young adults, but only to a very small extent, a new study has concluded.

The findings suggest that the practice is just one of many factors that may influence the sexual behaviours of young people.

Concerns have been raised that viewing sexually explicit material may negatively affect sexual behaviours, particularly in young people.
Because previous studies on the topic have been narrowly focused or limited in other ways, Gert Martin Hald, PhD, of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, and his colleagues conducted an online survey of 4,600 young people aged 15 to 25 years who lived in The Netherlands.

The survey revealed that 88 percent of males and 45 percent of females had watched sexually explicit material (through the Internet, magazines, videos, television, and/or other media) in the past 12 months.
There was a direct association between watching sexually explicit media and a variety of sexual behaviors—in particular adventurous sex and sex that involves the exchange of money—even when a number of other factors were taken into account.

However, the association was modest, accounting for between 0.3 percent and four percent of differences in sexual behaviours. This indicates that watching sexually explicit media is one of a number of factors that may shape the sexual behaviours of young individuals, but it may not be as directly linked as previously thought.

"Our data suggest that other factors such as personal dispositions—specifically sexual sensation seeking—rather than consumption of sexually explicit material may play a more important role in a range of sexual behaviours of adolescents and young adults, and that the effects of sexually explicit media on sexual behaviours in reality need to be considered in conjunction with such factors," Dr.
Martin Hald said.

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