Parents must tell kids about a bad dangerous touch!

Parents must tell kids about a bad dangerous touch!

Your Daughter Must Know A Bad Dangerous Touch! There\'s widespread outrage in Bangalore after a minor girl was gangraped by her school teachers.

There's widespread outrage in Bangalore after a minor girl was gangraped by her school teachers. Why not? Till now, the state of Uttar Pradesh in India had the dubious distinction of having maximum cases of crimes against women. People would read or at most dismiss it off with 'UP is India's rape capital' and nothing more! Now, the parents have taken it upon themselves to teach indifferent authorities a lesson.

Parents Must Tell Kids About A Bad Dangerous Touch!The rising cases of crimes where even the toddlers aren't spared makes us feel grateful for the fearless environment during our childhood years. The world is no more a safer place and children are deprived of good childhood memories. We live in an age where kids must grow up soon in terms of maturity failing which they become victims of crimes. Thanks to the exposure and increasing number of crimes that never existed before, children today can't enjoy childhood, particularly a girl child. If Indians still think sex education is too bold a subject for kids then isn't sexual molestation too cruel for them too?

More often than not sexual predators are desperate to play with a female's reproductive organ no matter what the age of the female is!

Much as we detest to keep our kids away from such dirty exposures, the present circumstances under which we are living in gives us little or no choice but to educate the kids about bad things.

They may be too young to even understand what we are saying but they must know. Ignorance is not bliss in such cases. If you have a daughter, patiently explain to her the difference between a bad touch and a good touch. I actually got this idea from a status message a friend posted on her Facebook page.

She wrote: "Every single day I worry about who touches my kid, and in what way. Have taught her good touch bad touch etc, which she has taken very jovially, because for her it is just another learning like done in school. I ask her and get daily reports on what she did in school, who she spoke to etc, to ensure everything's alright. And every news report multiplies my worries.

Is it the fault of a girl child to be born as a girl? Is there a concrete way to make schools accountable for kids' safety?"

How true! Teach your kids when a warm hug from a stranger is okay and when to get alarmed. Given that schools meant to protect and empower kids are showing indifference, the onus is now on the parents to monitor kids and observe if there are behavioural changes after all should something go wrong, the sufferers are the parents.

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