Bringing fame, fortunes to creative minds

Bringing fame, fortunes to creative minds

Primary Element : Fire Best Color : Red Best Shapes : Pointed or Triangular Complementary Items : Green, Wood, Columns Destructive Items :...

  • Primary Element : Fire
  • Best Color : Red
  • Best Shapes : Pointed or Triangular
  • Complementary Items : Green, Wood, Columns
  • Destructive Items : Black, Water
BringIf Feng Shui principles are implemented to the creativity area of one's surroundings in combination with positive alterations to the complementing areas, one's reputation will be vastly improved. It is a fact that just having talent or art within oneself will not bring fame and success. The admiration from the people and monetary benefits is as important as the creative talent. The Feng Shui suggested here is keeping in all these factors in mind. Many of the talented artists, singers, and actors have taken Feng Shui path by adapting numerological changes and others to achieve successful career path along with more fame and fortunes. Here are some of the Feng Shui elements that help to achieve goals for creative and talented minds. The element for fame & reputation in Feng Shui is fire. A fireplace in the house or candles is the best place to ignite the fire so that it glows bringing fame and reputation. Moreover, anything that represents fire also helps the gifted person in bringing positivity and fortunes. For instance, red is the best color to use, as it represents fire in Feng Shui. Stars and triangles are wonderful here, as they also represent fire. The fame & reputation area (that is immediately opposite the main door) in the Feng Shui, Bagua is the best spot for a physical symbol of a future goal, particularly a career-oriented one. I will use an example for my aspiring actors. Try making yourself a picture of a famous Bollywood star with your name on it and put it in this area. Every day, you should admire it and envision yourself receiving the fame. Get yourself a lookalike nomination with your name and "Best Actor" engraved on it. Imagine your fans shouting your name as paparazzi follows your every move and takes pictures of you. Embrace these thoughts every day. To bring out the creativity like dancing, singing, acting or painting in a person, it is recommended to place a fulfilling cow in the south-east.In Feng Shui, The fulfilling cow is so potent that Feng Shui practitioners place the jade cow on a bed of gold coins. One can also place a jade tree or a money plant in the east. The color Green alongwith the significance of life in the East corner brings out the creativity in a person and also brings in Fame. The right colors in a room also enhance the creativity of a person. A lot of red or orange colour in the work place on the creativity wall and also on the fame and recognition wall is suggested. This will motivate the person to come out with his best creative works. This also works on the principle that when a person is at ease with himself and his inner self the best is delivered. - Inseeya Khambati (The writer is a Mumbai-based Feng Shui exponent and Tarot card reader)
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