Women prefer men who speak sense:study

Women prefer men who speak sense:study

Women Prefer Men Who Speak Sense:Study. New Research Says Women Don't See Men Who Remain Silent As Aloof Or Mysterious But Masculine.

Toronto: Be silent, use fewer and shorter words and speak cohesively. New research says women don't see men who remain silent as aloof or mysterious but masculine.

"Men who use shorter words and speak more concisely are seen as more attractive because they appeared more masculine," said Molly Babel from the University of British Columbia in Canada.

And if you have deep voice, you are about to make a kill.

Men with deeper voices and women with slightly higher voices were thought to sound more attractive because they suggest a bigger or a smaller body.

"The voice is an amazingly flexible tool that we use to construct our identity," explained Babel.

"Very few things in our voices are immutable. So we felt our preferences had to be about more than a person's shape and size," she said.

She recorded 30 volunteers' voices and asked each to rate the others' 'attractiveness' on a scale of one to nine.

The women participants preferred men who spoke with a shorter average word length and deeper voices, Babel said in the study published in the journal PLOS One.

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