Vijender back in the rings

Vijender back in the rings

"The nightmare is finally over and I am back to a normal life", said a relieved Vijender Singh as he broke his silence on the sensational drug scandal...

"The nightmare is finally over and I am back to a normal life", said a relieved Vijender Singh as he broke his silence on the sensational drug scandal that severely hurt his reputation, insisting that more than a crisis, it was a learning experience that left him stronger and wiser. vijendarSpeaking to PTI in an interview, his first after the scandal broke out more than two months back, the Olympic bronze-medallist opened up about what he went through before being given an "all-clean" certificate by the National Anti-Doping Agency. "The nightmare is finally over for me and I am back to my normal life. I have started training and looking forward to the World Championships in October," said the 27-year-old middleweight boxer, the first Indian to become world number one in international rankings. "I am thankful to the Haryana Government, the Sports Ministry, the Indian Olympic Association and the Indian Boxing Federation for standing by me and because that gave me a lot of confidence. Now I am back to training in the camp and nothing can be better than this," he added. It has been more than two months since Vijender found himself in quandary when his name cropped up in a massive drug haul after Punjab police recovered heroin, worth around Rs 130 crore, from NRI Anoop Singh Kahlon's house in Zirakpur. The presence of a car used by Vijender's wife Archana near the house raised a media storm and on On April 1, Punjab Police said Vijender bought heroin for personal consumption on 12 different occasions from Kahlon. Vijender denied any wrongdoing and underwent a NADA dope test which came out negative. The strapping six-footer from Haryana said there are lessons to be learnt even in the worst of crisis and he learnt his while dealing with the controversy. "I believe, whatever god does, he does it for the good, I always try to look at life like that. Even in this incident I am sure god must have thought something good for me," he said. "Every incident, good or bad, teaches you something. I also learnt a few things. I realised who are my true friends and who are the hangers on. I realised that difference because all my good friends formed a ring of support around me," Vijender said. "Another lesson is that I won't ever be as casually friendly with anyone as I used to be. I won't ever leave my car keys or my mobile phone with anybody. I have become wary of people which is quite natural given what I went through," added the boxer. "I was in Mumbai when the whole thing broke out. Suddenly I see my car being found somewhere, people taking my name and questions being asked about whether I was taking drugs, it was painful," he said. Asked if, even for once, he felt his achievements were being completely forgotten while his integrity was questioned, Vijender chose to laugh it off.
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