Moisture…the life of dry skin

Moisture…the life of dry skin

Moisture is most important to the skin. It helps to keep the skin soft, smooth and supple. Dryness of the skin is caused by under-activity of the oil...

Seasonal changes drain the skin of required moisture. Various measures can be taken to seal in natural moisture and prevent its depletion

Moisture is most important to the skin. It helps to keep the skin soft, smooth and supple. Dryness of the skin is caused by under-activity of the oil producing glands of the skin. Due to a lack of oil, the skin’s ability to hold moisture is hampered.

Seasonal changes also aggravate the problem by causing further moisture loss. In winter, the skin loses moisture to the atmosphere. Therefore, the daily care routine should be adjusted according to the needs of the skin.

Moisturising plays an important, protective role in skin care, by sealing in natural moisture and also preventing moisture depletion. The skin absorbs moisture in the form of an emulsion of oil and water. It cannot absorb water or oil by itself.

Therefore, the only way of dealing with the problem is to apply moisturisers daily, to replenish what is lost and keep the skin at its best. Those with dry skin also need daily nourishment with the application of rich creams, so that the skin receives emollients and is able to hold moisture better. Preventing from further loss can be done with the use of sunscreens as well.

Moisturisers are available in both liquid and cream forms. During dry seasons, for normal to dry skin, it is better to use a cream-based moisturiser, applying it after cleansing and toning. It should also be applied under make-up. A liquid moisturiser can be used at night, after cleansing and nourishing the skin.

Oily skin can hold moisture better than normal or dry skins. But, oily skin can also get dry during winter. The skin feels taut immediately after washing. A light moisturising lotion should be applied. For oily skin, look for an “oil-free” day cream.

To apply moisturiser, first cleanse or wash the face. Apply it on the face and work it into the skin smoothly and gently, using your fingertips. Wipe off excess (if any) with tissues or cotton wool.To counteract the effect of low humidity in an air-conditioned room, keep a bowl of water. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices diluted with water.

Some dos and don’ts for dry skin:
Protect the skin with a sunscreen lotion or cream. Re-apply the sunscreen if you are in the sun for long durations.
Remove all creams with moist cotton wool as it does not absorb too much from the skin.
Avoid scrubs and grainy packs if the skin is too dry.

Home-made moisturisers:
Take 3 tablespoons wheat germ oil, 3 tablespoons honey, one ounce each of rosewater, witch hazel and glycerine. Blend all the ingredients together. Stir till it is thick. Store in airtight jar for further use.
Mix equal quantities of aloe vera gel and mineral water. Then heat over a low fire till it forms a cream. When it cools, store in an airtight jar.
Mix together 100 ml rosewater with one teaspoon pure glycerine. Keep in an airtight bottle. This helps to moisturise oily and combination skins and is also suitable for arms and legs.

Shahnaz Hussain

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